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When will they give it a rest


Well, looks like today another Democrat threw her hat in the ring calling the Washington Redskins name “insensitive” Who was this brave woman you ask it was none other than Hillary Clinton.Yes, it is the same “insensitive” Hillary Clinton. who did not answer that 3 am phone called that cost 5 people their lives let us not forget when she was head of the Dept of State?

Hillary Clinton is also buddy with the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, But friends with a fake Indian is not “insensitive”.

But let’s get back to football team Washington Redskins Nearly every Democratic leader has already come out in support of dropping the team name, But why? and if the team owner gives in what name will they demand next to be dropped Kansas city chiefs, Atlanta braves and Next thing you know, animals will be objecting to the name Bears and fish will object to the name Dolphin! Oh no!!!. Then we have this little state called Oklahoma since the word means red man is that going to have to go as well as you can see this is a high point having ones head up ones own butt

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What they brought to the U.S of A

This is a post of a dear friend of mine I thought I would share I did ask his permission and he gave me a thumbs up so take it way John

Pardon me while I rant.
When the Chinese came here in the 1800s, they brought great food and built a transcontinental railroad and didn’t try to convert us or kill us.
When the Italians came here, they brought great food and contributed to many aspects of our present-day society and culture. They brought great music, organized crime, plus a non-violent, Christ-centered religion, but they didn’t try to kill us.
When the Irish fled oppression and famine, they brought more of that same religion as had the Italians. They also brought election corruption (see: Boston, dead voters). They brought great music, an incredible work ethic. But…(wait for it)…they didn’t try to kill us.
As the Mexicans have come north, they have brought great food, great music, and more of that same religion brought by Italians and Irish. They have brought great art, and more of that great work ethic. They have not tried to kill us.
There is only one “religion” which enters a nation, a society, a people, which comes in with a predetermined set of options: convert or die. Wherever they have gained power, they have implemented their undeniable agenda. They are not shy about it. They are right up front. The meek and peaceful among their number are intimidated into silence. They, too, will become radicalized or will die at the hands of their ‘brothers.’
Okay. I’m through ranting. Have a nice day.

John Haeber

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Perry setting up for a run for the White House

Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been making a lot of headlines as of late. The most recent is the sending of National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border. It’s a bold move on his part and will do one of two things, If it works it will put him ahead of other Republicans such as Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Mitt Romney( who may or not be running).If it fails it will place him so far in the back of the pack he might not be able to recover.

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It is a shame

It is a shame what happened on Thursday shooting down of a Malaysian jetliner. It’s all over the news some are blaming Russia, Some say it was the separatists in eastern Ukraine or both. The sad thing was the life’s taken to soon.

Malaysian jet liner,


For the folks that lost loved ones, my heart feels for you and may god give you confront

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You Know Hillary Supporters are getting desperate!


You Know Hillary Supporters are getting desperate! When they start trying to compare her to former Republican presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, of all people Ronald Reagan. If President Ronald Reagan were alive today this might have killed him, President Reagan would have been laughing so hard he would have stroked out.Hillary and her Supporters are starting to become a running joke which is losing its color very fast. Hillary needs to come out and say she is not running and let this joke end

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The First Lady will travel to LA

The First Lady will travel to LA to visit Malia at her unpaid intern job which, so far, has only cost taxpayers $7,045,283.95

Now that’s a lot of cash. What good could have we done with it? Well, we could have fed a few thousand illegal aliens children crossing our southern border. Here is a better idea we could have helped homeless vets fed them, clean them up, help them find jobs and maybe helped the vets kids into college.But No why should it go to good things when we have our own version of Marie Antoinette

First Lady

God forbid she or Obama care for anyone but themselves


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If you needed a reason to try home school

If you needed a reason to try home school this may be the year to do it.With thousands of illegal aliens children crossing our southern border.Our school system is already on the verge of collapsing, classrooms over filled and with this added influx it can only get worse

5 reasons to do it

1. The school days are shorter, takes about 4 hrs at home, 6 to 8 at public schools

2. Students cover more subject matter in a shorter time spam.

3.One on One with the kids

4. No peer pressure

5.The parents control what their kids study




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