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Americans stupid, Don’t think so

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We regular Americans are not”stupid” but one thing most Americans do have is Common sense, Most of us don’t go around spouting off what we have done when there is someone filming us.But a lot of the so-called smart people do not have a lick of Common Sense their way to smart for that. MIT professor Jonathan Gruber is living proof of that.Now we know how Obama and the rest of those ever so intelligent Democrats feel about us the lowly American public.Now that MIT professor Jonathan Gruber got caught he is saying “I was speaking off the cuff, and I talked inappropriately. I regret making those comments,” Once more hoping we are as  “stupid” as he thinks we are.I find most “off the cuff” remarks hold more truth them most would like to admit. I do believe Mr.Gruber like Mr Obama think that we are all just “stupid” sheep they can lead around. But unlike so many Democrats who follow Obama blindly, Republicans and Conservatives have our eyes open and are not going to fall for this crap pile.

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Immigration Action

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President Barack Obama will wait until after the November midterm elections to announce any action on immigration reform.What is going on is he is playing it safe, Obama is having his cake and eating it as well.If Obama did anything before the midterm elections, it could hurt the already weak Democrat reelection movement and cost him and his party the Senate and the House, and he knows it.If the midterms fail and the Democrat lose both the house and the senate them, he can blame no immigration reform on the Republicans. Saying they are the ones blocking it, as you see having his cake and eating it too.A smart move on his part.Will some immigration reform happen If the  Republicans take both houses I’m sure there will be? Will it be the blanket amnesty that Obama and the Democrat’s would like to see I don’t think so?If the Democrat’s win is there blanket amnesty once more, I don’t think so. They will try to get it passed but in the end they will not do blanket amnesty that’s a fools game, and they know it.

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You know its bad when CNN

You know it’s bad when CNN can’t get Democrats, They won’t come onto a channel that gives them cover to talk about most things.CNN can’t get any Democrats to come on their show and defend Obamacare and its rollout.CNN is saying that they have “Republicans are tripping over themselves to come out and talk.”What going on here I recall  more than  one Democrat saying we will find out what in the law after we pass it Nancy Pelosi being the Biggest one, So where are you Ms.Pelois hiding behind your desk and a wall of staff. Why don’t you come out one more time and tell us why we should pass anything that you are the rest of your party don’t bother to read , Ms.Pelois  why are you a no-show on CNN defending this law that you were 100% behind before you passed it  without reading it


I can hazard a guess You know as well as the rest of Democrats that Obamacare is toxic it’s a ticking time bomb and you and the rest of the rats in D,C are trying to get as much distance as you can. I could be wrong but when the worst part comes in 2014 with any luck the folks in southern California will come out of the stupor they have been in for the last decade are so and kick your and Ms.Boxer butts out of office

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Harry running into trouble

IT SEEMS harry Reid may be running into a little push back on a part of Obama care.The medical device tax which is 2.3 % excise tax. This tax will hit hip replacement to the tampons, Now most would assume that it would be the Republicans but you would be wrong ! It is a group of 18 Democrat senators!!. Now before you get to thinking that they are trying to protect you and I think again most if not all have campaign ties to medical device who have donate to the senator’s campaign or one of the super pack that supported the election of said senator. the names of some of the

Indiana Senator-elect Joe Donnelly

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator John Kerry

All have large numbers of medical device companies in their states

Medical device Lobby has already spent more than $ 32 million to try to stop this tax.General Electric spent $5.7 million that quarter to lead all medical device lobbyists.

Now when the Republicans tried to repeal this part of Obama care Harry Reid said it was just a Republican attack on Obamacare wonder what harry going to say now!obamacare-logo_full

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