#Metoo and other Bs


#Metoo here we go again! back in the 70s and 80s  it was not called #metoo it was called women’s rights and as is now there were sexual harassment’s case’s that did happen! not saying it did not, but like now some women started using it as a weapon and people in the media were happy to go long  untill stories started to fall apart and even the blind could tell it was a fake story much like today. Did it help the women’s movement? in the short term yes it did in the long-term it did more damage than good. It cost a lot of women and men their jobs and reputations. This is what happens when people take a good thing and turn it into a weapon, did women’s group learn anything out of the first time it seems not as history is repeating it’s self.


George Bush 


So this last week George Bush passed away and if you listen to the press and the Democrats you would think the man was a saint! The truth be told both the press and the Democrats hated the man and did anything they could to stop or slow them down. He held the record for being hated until Trump came along. So all this BS you hear and see coming out of the press and Democrats is just that pure BS


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So the left is Blameless

So the left is Blameless when it comes to spewing hate. They ( the Left) would do no such thing just look at the news outlet no hate there! The lefts candidates and other leaders would go nowhere near hate what could I be thinking.



I guess this is just fake! The left and followers would not do this, would they?

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Bombs, Bombs and More Bombs


This is the biggest fake news going! The white powder was/is harmless, the timer had no alarm it was all fake! and I will make a side bet with you all when they do/if catch someone it will be a nut job on the left or this will fade out of the news and they will hope you forget all about it.

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ain’t life a bitch

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Facebook today blocked


Today facebook blocked my friend’s page The Tea Party Patriot Couch. 3%. why? he was not promoting a hate group or anything like that he was posting pro-republican post and supporting Republican candidates and posting about post and newsfeeds about how the Democrat party was getting out of hand. It’s not he had a large following at the most maybe 500 people it was growing but it was slowly I am surprised his little Facebook page made into the 800 they took down. Here is a link to what is going on / .


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Since Democrats obviously do not like guns,

Since Democrats obviously do not like guns, would it be a good idea to ask them to demonstrate their commitment to leadership and the safety of the American people by standing up for their faith, leading by example and turning in all of their guns, assault or otherwise? I mean, if this is what they really believe, why would they resist? Plus, we will be able to witness whether or not less guns leads to less crime and see if their ideas regarding guns really works.

If you claim to believe in something but participate in the exact opposite behavior, it proves that you really don’t believe what you claim. Thus, Gore and Decaprio prove they really don’t believe in global warming/ climate change.

I believe that carrying a cigarette while pumping my gas could lead to a fatal explosion, therefore I NEVER smoke while pumping my gas. You get my point I think!

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Democrats“#Resistance” seems to not be much of a force in the last four special elections how can I say this nicely ” You lost once more ” not once but all four races you’re  #Resistance” seems to be stuck in the mud!

th (16)

If this was supposed to be a  referendum on Trump and the midterm election I got some bad news for the Democrats ” It ain’t looking, good baby!”

Once more pollsters and pundits were talking out of their butts and had no idea what the people would do.Maybe next time they might want to take a real poll not just count the people that happen to agree with them


The monies oh my goodness the money the  Democrats poured into this was enough to buy a lot of homeless people food that would have probably fed them for a year or more! When are the Democrats going yo learn to throw money at something does not mean you are going to win


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