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Two Old Married People


How many people watched last night’s Democratic debate and thought to themselves this sounds just like my grandparents fighting who have been married for forty years.Saying the same thing but fighting about it!It bought a loud chuckle out of me.My wife asks me what was so funny I told her if I didn’t know better I could swear it was her grandparents bickering.Then it got even funnier when the fight started over Obama.For all the world Bernie sounded like the pissed off dad of a son(Obama) who had wrecked the family car.Hillary looked like the overprotected mom trying to defend her mommy’s boy for all his past sins.Overall it reminded why I would not vote for either one.

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Can Chris Matthews Bury his Nose any Deeper


I just wonder just how far Chris Matthews can bury his nose…..whole damn head up the Democratic party’s butt.For the last seven plus years, he’s had a tingle up his leg for Obama.Chris Matthews and the rest of MSNBC have done nothing but run cover for Obama and his thugs, Now Chris Matthews is feeling butterflies for Hilary, he like’s Hillary personally and politically.”I have one thing to say for Chris knock off your high school mentality and your boy and girl crushes and grow the hell up.For pete’s sake, your and old man look in the mirror.But I forget who you work for MSNBC the place where a reporter who can’t cut it in the big league’s go to die and get laughed at its sad.

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Little Fire tonite at the Main Debate


Now this was a debate! We see some fire on the stage some good flat foot fighting between the candidates.I can honestly say I can’t decide who was the winners here. I believe I know who are the losers are and one of them, unfortunately, is someone I do like and that is Ben Carson he looked like he was lost he got off a couple of good lines but other than that Ben should consider dropping out.I believe the other is Jeb Bush yes he was more forceful tonite made a few points but once more Trump handed him his butt when he tried but failed to take on Trump.Cruz and Rubio were the most fun to watch in their exchange got a little tense was fun politics.Christie had an excellent night he hit hard and fast a good job there. The one who surprised me was Kasich  he came out strong and had more than a few good lines.Trump was in a good mood, but he may be underestimating some of the contenders we will wait and see.But overall it was a good and fun two hours.

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Back in December of 2013 I called this

 Back in December of 2013 I called this! said I was wrong ! but I was right on “Obama holds historic meeting with Rual Castro.”Obama Shakes Cuba's Raul Castro's Hand

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Americans stupid, Don’t think so

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image (2)

We regular Americans are not”stupid” but one thing most Americans do have is Common sense, Most of us don’t go around spouting off what we have done when there is someone filming us.But a lot of the so-called smart people do not have a lick of Common Sense their way to smart for that. MIT professor Jonathan Gruber is living proof of that.Now we know how Obama and the rest of those ever so intelligent Democrats feel about us the lowly American public.Now that MIT professor Jonathan Gruber got caught he is saying “I was speaking off the cuff, and I talked inappropriately. I regret making those comments,” Once more hoping we are as  “stupid” as he thinks we are.I find most “off the cuff” remarks hold more truth them most would like to admit. I do believe Mr.Gruber like Mr Obama think that we are all just “stupid” sheep they can lead around. But unlike so many Democrats who follow Obama blindly, Republicans and Conservatives have our eyes open and are not going to fall for this crap pile.

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Let’s hope for a short goodbye for Eric Holder

Eric holder

The news came out today that Eric Holder would be stepping down.Some folks like Rush Limbaugh believe it is so that Obama can  Nominating Eric Holder to a Supreme Court vacancy ( which is not there ) I think  Rush Limbaugh is wrong on this matter. I believe that Obama and the Democrat’s have run the numbers on who will take control of the House and Senate and the numbers are not good for the Democrat’s keeping control. I believe that Eric Holder is in full retreat in fear. That IF the House and Senate fall in control of the Republicans that some of his past mistakes will and should come back to bite him in the butt. To name one or two that would come back The Fast and Furious scandal. Eric Holder did not bring criminal charges against top executives at many of the financial sector institutions that were central to that collapse, and he has been stonewalling for Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal.

I think Eric Holder is hoping to get out and save himself, I could be wrong but ……………


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Another behead American,Steven Sotloff


Steven Soloff the second American journalists to beheaded by ISIS. And what did Obama do this time not much .. well as far as I know he did not play a round of golf like he did the last time this happened! But what did Mr.Obama do! Not a hell of a lot he made a few statements got his mug on TV that’s about it. Today (Wednesday the 9th of September)on the day before NATO summit meeting in Wales he comes out with this “. “Our objective is clear, and that is: degrade and destroy ISIS so that it’s no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also to the region and the United States,”  For real! That’s the best he can come up with. Mr Obama what you should have said is we are at war with ISIS. We will hunt down and kill any and all members of  ISIS and any country or state that we find supporting them we will bomb back to the stone age. Any and all  ISIS members we capture we will execute no matter what nationality you are.But he won’t!  NATO Like most here in the USA can’t wait for him to leave the oval office.

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