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More Hospital Lauoffs

A source said as many as 25 people could be laid off at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Maine , but a spokesman described that number as “fluid.”( fluid meaning it could be a lot more or less )

Lee Myles, president and CEO of St. Mary’s Health System, released a statement late in the day Thursday to announce the restructuring.

“In order to prepare for health reform(obamacare) and make adjustments for reductions of MaineCare reimbursement, St. Mary’s Health System is undergoing a strategic restructuring,” Myles said in the statement. “As of today, the state owes St. Mary’s $23 million for services provided dating as far back as 2009. Given our current economy and changes in the national health-care structure, we can no longer absorb this outstanding debt. The purpose of restructuring is to reduce operating expenditures while optimizing patient care to meet the future needs of the community.”

more and more Medical Centers and Hospitals seem to be doing this Why I ask isn’t Obama care suppose to insure us all more about this here and here


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Layoffs at another Hospital

Layoffs at another Hospital. The South Central Kansas Medical Center in Arkansas City,Kansas laid off  Nine nurses and supervisors on Monday the reason, In a letter sent to all employees, administrators laid part of the blame for the cost cutting move on Obama care. The letter states “With the Affordable Care Act being rolled out and many outside forces demanding accountability for improved outcomes and better systems for healthcare, we have to make changes or we will not survive,”The CEO Steve Perkins said “It’s the hardest decision someone in my seat ever makes, there remains a great deal of confusion within the health care industry over how the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in Kansas.”It’s making anybody that’s sitting in a leadership role in a healthcare organization pucker up and think ‘Wow, this is just tough,'”obamacare-logo_full

As i ask once before in this earlier post ( with all of us having to get heath Insurance should not Hospitals and Medical Centers be hiring more people

Now some of you may think 9 people is just a drop in a bucket ! but if enough drops fall it becomes a sea .

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LAYOFFS!! at another plant Obama said was a Success

Layoffs at another plant Obama said was a “Success”! Celgard a maker of electric vehicle batteries but this should be no surprise to anyone how many electric vehicle batteries company have had layoffs and closer in the past 3 yrs?


Celgard like other electric vehicle batteries company also got a large grant of 49 million dollars of taxpayers money to create 300 jobs,Celgard did create the jobs it promised but now has to layoff 40 of that 300. The reason for the layoffs not enough demand for the batteries and why is this simple there is no demand for electric vehicles. Right now electric vehicle only have one class of buyer and that is the rich the price tag for most if not all-electric vehicles is far more them most middle class family’s can afford and for the poor it just not going to happen .will there be more electric vehicle batteries company layoffs and plant closing I think so , but time will tell

(Edit) as one of our reader pointed out Celgard makes battery separators not the batteries themselves


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