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Hillary’s doing a rope a dope on the press

The Sunday after campaign redo you would have thought Hillary herself would be hitting most if not all the Sunday news show’s, well if you were betting on it, you just lost,


Hillary herself was a no show.Was this a surprise to me not at all I call it in my last post. What Hillary did was send out a small army of minions to do her talking for her

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So once more Hillary is hiding behind her little minions, So can you imagine how it will be for the press to ask a question or get passed her minions if god forbid she wins the White House.

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Hillary’s presidential campaign 2.0

Seems Hillary’s first presidential campaign was not doing all that well so she has come out with a redo or a 2.0 upgrade.Will it give her the boost she needs? If the Iowa watch party is any indication, it will be a slight bump, A total of six people showed for that, and one of them was a staffer.The big question that should be on everyone’s mind is will she talk to the press. This time around and take issues or will she play like Muhammad Ali and do a rope a dope on the press?I’M betting on the rope a dope.


Hillary’s first mistake was/is her last name. More than a few people think it’s way too soon for another Clinton to be in the White House in both parties, and I agree with them.

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Sorry folks

Sorry folks< I know it’s been all most six weeks since I posted. But a family member was in a car accident, and I have been dealing with that, will start the post this coming week again.

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