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Winners and loser’s tonight

For me, there were three people who very much impressed me tonight, The one I felt did the best overall job tonite was John Kasich surprise!


I think he did very well for himself tonite made some excellent points and may be the overall winner, he may move up in the polls, will he wins any states only time will tell.

Trump was a lot calmer than usual and did very well even though he was very much a target.But overall he did very well, Second,


Ted Cruz did well as wellI would say that he is sharing second did very well.

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The Loser of the night was Rubio; He somehow keeps his senseless little boy act compared to the rest of the candidates you could tell he was very much out of his league and grasping for any straw he could get his tiny hands on, Going out on a limb here I’m betting he will lose Florida by 25%


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Little Fire tonite at the Main Debate


Now this was a debate! We see some fire on the stage some good flat foot fighting between the candidates.I can honestly say I can’t decide who was the winners here. I believe I know who are the losers are and one of them, unfortunately, is someone I do like and that is Ben Carson he looked like he was lost he got off a couple of good lines but other than that Ben should consider dropping out.I believe the other is Jeb Bush yes he was more forceful tonite made a few points but once more Trump handed him his butt when he tried but failed to take on Trump.Cruz and Rubio were the most fun to watch in their exchange got a little tense was fun politics.Christie had an excellent night he hit hard and fast a good job there. The one who surprised me was Kasich  he came out strong and had more than a few good lines.Trump was in a good mood, but he may be underestimating some of the contenders we will wait and see.But overall it was a good and fun two hours.

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The Debates and the Fates

I watched the first debates of the season on Fox News like most folks thought it could have had more fire, but it was ok! There were some winners and losers.
The winners were in no order Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Donald Trump.I also think we will see Carly Fiorina moving to the primary debates, not the kiddie table

Chris Christie  Marco Rubio  John Kasich cfiorina-bio


I think the biggest loser was by far Jeb Bush.Jeb seemed far more uncomfortable than the rest.Jeb kept moving around and mumbling.Did he forget to stop to go to the bathroom and empty his bladder on the way in, one wonder’s

Jeb Bush

That’s my take on it folks let hope for a little bit more fire next time

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Donald Trump will he be the trump card?


In the upcoming debates, my question is will the other candidates be trying to make their points or will they be trying to take Trump down.Trump is in a commanding double-digit lead in most polls.Which puts an enormous target on his back and I think one or two of the other candidates may/will take pot shots.I believe the two who will “if” they make the primetime debate will be Rick Perry and Chris Christie

Chris Christie  Rick Perry

This could work in their favor, but it could very well backfire on them as well. If Christie and Trump get into a battle, it could turn out to be a brawl the likes we have not seen in a debate forever.Rick Perry’s attack will be a more even well thought out attack and might put Trump on the ropes for a few moments.Perry’s problem as I see it is he needs to put a little more fire into the campaign, or he may fall behind.The danger of focusing on Trump is/will be that it will bring him more into the public eye and most people already see him somewhat of an underdog, beating up on an underdog is never a good idea.

What is driving Trump’s poll numbers is simple he says what most/all of us have thought one time or another in the last six-half years.Trump is brash and tells the truth as he sees it.A trait that has long been missing from most folks running for any office.Maybe if a few more candidates give this kind of a thing, Ago they might see their numbers in the polls get an uptick.

I look forward to the upcoming primetime debate maybe if we’re lucky we will see a few breakout candidates, here’s hoping


As of today poll Christie and Perry or in a tie for the 10th spot with 3 days to go they had better get to work

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Well a couple of days ago Donald Trump may well have ended his presidential hopes when he said Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain was no war hero, But there is a bit more to the story than this.It seems Trump and McCain have been in a little feud ever since Trump started talking about immigration and McCain call people that attended a Trump immigration rally “crazies.”

Let me stop and make a disclaimer here I am not a fan of Donald Trump.

Do I agree with Trump that Arizona Sen. John McCain is not a war hero No I don’t? I think any man or woman that puts on the uniform and serves our country is a hero. The Ones that were/are in combat are war hero’s, with that said I believe That McCain was very wrong to call people “crazies.” when it comes to illegal immigration.If McCain can’t see the problems that are occurring in our border states then maybe it is time an Old war hero steps down and lets someone take his spot on the line to help us stop the flow of illegal immigration that is overtaking the U.S. Donald Trump may not be my pick for president but what he is saying has a ring of truth to it and a lot of folks are starting to listen.

Another misstep by Obama

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