What they brought to the U.S of A

22 Jul

This is a post of a dear friend of mine I thought I would share I did ask his permission and he gave me a thumbs up so take it way John

Pardon me while I rant.
When the Chinese came here in the 1800s, they brought great food and built a transcontinental railroad and didn’t try to convert us or kill us.
When the Italians came here, they brought great food and contributed to many aspects of our present-day society and culture. They brought great music, organized crime, plus a non-violent, Christ-centered religion, but they didn’t try to kill us.
When the Irish fled oppression and famine, they brought more of that same religion as had the Italians. They also brought election corruption (see: Boston, dead voters). They brought great music, an incredible work ethic. But…(wait for it)…they didn’t try to kill us.
As the Mexicans have come north, they have brought great food, great music, and more of that same religion brought by Italians and Irish. They have brought great art, and more of that great work ethic. They have not tried to kill us.
There is only one “religion” which enters a nation, a society, a people, which comes in with a predetermined set of options: convert or die. Wherever they have gained power, they have implemented their undeniable agenda. They are not shy about it. They are right up front. The meek and peaceful among their number are intimidated into silence. They, too, will become radicalized or will die at the hands of their ‘brothers.’
Okay. I’m through ranting. Have a nice day.

John Haeber

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