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Mass Murders why the numbers are so high in the past year

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This year in the U.S. we have the highest number of mass murders to date; this got me to wondering why? Is it that we are more inclined to violence, Is it that people are not raising kids without a moral compass and do the access to guns have anything to do with it.The answer to this is a little of all but not the primary factor. The answer is that there is no official definition for a mass shooting.So when they say mass shooting are on the raise its who is doing the counting.Some count 3 people as a mass shooting if you take this as a base number then there is a mass shooting in Chicago and Los Angles about three to four times a week not only that but these two cities have some of the toughest gun laws in the U.S.Don’t get me wrong any loss of life is a shame but in my mind a mass shooting should be defined as no less than ten people and there should be a national definition for a mass shooting .Why so some news outlets  and politicians don’t make a mass shooting out of something that is not but something to fit their agenda’s and bring fear to the masses.

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And God Gave


As we can see terrorist organizations are here in the good old US of A and no matter what the fool in the White House is saying its time to take up arms to protect ourselves and the one’s we love, as someone said “those that can shoot back live longer.”So friends and family if you don’t own a gun its time to think about getting one if not for yourself for the ones you love.


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Libreal Dumbbutt’s


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Gun Control


Always do, then wonder why it keeps happening.

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