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Hurricane Warning

Hurricane Waring ! that right a storm is hitting the DNC and it’s starting in Florida! We will officially have our Mitt Romney and in the next 72 days more or less we will be in the white house.The DNC is already showing storm damage, Obama and his team have sent out e-mails to his supports tell them if he loses’s the White House it will be all their fault.( surprise he’s not blaming Bush)for not sending him more cash, maybe he(Obama)forgets most people don’t have jobs. no, jobs no money to send to you fool.Two or more state’s that should be blue states are in play now both Michigan and Ohio. Michigan the new poll is showing that Romney and Obama are in a dead tie at 47-47% now what you need to recall Obama won this state by16.4% last time ,also Michigan is a highly union state , so by this poll it looks like the rank and file of the unions may be going for Romney and not following their union boss’es.Ohio is another state that should not be in play for Obama but very much is (I might have something to do with Obama unable to spell the state’s name).Then we have this The Chairman of the DNC convention said most people will be too busy trying to put food on their table so we won’t have too many watching the DNC convention.So what he is saying is these people are not better off than they were 4 years ago. way to go, bro, beat the death drum for Obama more.Isaac  hurricane

the storm keep rolling the DNC and Obama take major lighting strikes from the new video “The Hope and the Change if you want to see the film it will play on Tuesday night at the RNC convention. The DNC take another storm blast from the  National Organization of Women for banning children from the convention floor including breastfeeding babies.I thought the DNC were telling ever one that they were women friendly looks like that one just got blew out of the water.

As you can see the storm seems to be getting worse for the DNC


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“I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican”

Actress Jean Smart “I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican!”Wow, my feeling are hurt! Now some of you might not know who Ms.Smart is nowadays she is mostly a bit-part actor in TV shows, but the only major TV show she was ever in was Designing Women a sitcom back in 1986.

Back to the “I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican! in her little rant Ms.Smart brings up Mr.Akins as an example of how Republican hate women! Let me stop right here this is a big smear on all republican men in general.No, I don’t support what Mr.Akins said about rape and I believe no man of either party would support it.As far as how each party treats women I’ll bring up an example that right at the DNC convention there will be no child care for them.Local chapters of the National Organization for Women say that this excludes mothers with young children.Maybe Ms.Smart should look into this and stop bashing Republicans about things she has no clue on.

One more thing you might want to consider getting a new agent If getting you a call into Current Radio is the best he/she can do! you are in a lot of troubles

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God’s speed Neil Armstrong


Great man has passed , may god bless his family and friends he left behind

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A Little Thin Skinned are we !

A little thin-skinned are we ! it seems Obama and his team can’t take a joke it seems.Romney cracks a joke about Obama’s Birth certificate at a rally in Michigan.Team Obama totally lost it.Obama’s traveling press secretary Jen Psaki came whining and crying about how it’s so unfair and low ball tactics and this just proves that Romney is a  brither. My first Question to Ms.Psaki is would you like a little cheese with that whine?the next one would be so let me see it OK for you to use such tactics but a no-no for the other party.Now I’m not a brither myself, but the Obama team and Obama seem to be oversensitive to the subject and I think that’s what keeps bring it up.


If for some reason that you might think that Obama has not showed his thin skin. In the book”The Battle for America 2008,” Chief political aide David Axelrod said, “I don’t know if you are Muhammad Ali or Floyd Patterson when it comes to taking a punch.You (Obama) care far too much what is written and said about you.You(Obama)don’t relish combat when it becomes personal and nasty.”Explains why he keeps Axelrod around.

HuffPost writer Peter Wehner wrote “Obama is among the most thin-skinned presidents we have had, and we see evidence of it in every possible venue imaginable, from one-on-one interviews to press conferences, from extemporaneous remarks to set speeches.The President is constantly complaining about others are saying about him.”

Liberal journalist Maureen Dowd scoff at Obama as being”thin-skinned and not happy with media coverage”

The quoits are people who support Obama so as you can see I don’t need to bring in people who do not like the man, to see just how thin-skinned he is and unable to take any kind of joke about himself


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Starting to show Desperation

Starting to show desperation! In the last couple of week, Obama and his team are starting to show signs of pure desperation.The latest being that team Obama is going to send V.P. Biden to interrupt RNC convention in Tampa Fla. The First Lady (if you want to call her that)Michelle Obama will be on the David Letterman( can’t keep his hands off the female staff) Show on the same day as the convention as well as several high-profile Democrats will be hosting events. It has been an unspoken agreement between the party’s that the opposition would lay low around the time of the party’s convention.Well, it seems’s that the Obama team and the Democrats, in general, have thrower this unspoken rule out the window.It seems to me like good old Chicago type politics or worse, say some 3rd world politics(Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the Castro Brothers in Cuba).What do they do! Try and control the media and try to interrupt their opponents meeting all of which team Obama seems to have it mindset on.Then there is this out of the blue The Justice Dept after four long years has decided to sue Gallup Organization.If you don’t know Gallup.Com provides data-driven news based on U.S. and world polls, daily tracking and public opinion research in other words they can make or destroy a campaign

Do I think team Obama using pressure on Gallup polling for political gain Do bears take a crap in the woods?It would not surprise at all to see the DOJ file some sort of action on Rasmussen Reports to try to bully them as well.Will PPP polling Be Getting a call in the dark of the night saying the numbers need to look better?

 call in the dark of the night

On top of all this we have the nutcase Anarchists saying that they plan to incite chaos at both the RNC and DNC conventions. But the joke may be on them when it comes to the RNC convention! tropical storm Isaac is supposed to hit Florida about the same time and we all know the little wimps can’t take bad weather, they might melt! The Anarchists might have better luck with the DNC in Charlotte N.C in September, then again maybe the anarchists may be an inside party with the Democrats we will have to wait and see.


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Crazy Uncle week

Last week must have been the national week-long crazy uncle week.We all have them the crazy family member no one wants to show up at the event, but they do anyway and in some fashion or another embarrass one or more members at the party.

Let’s start this out with the one I dislike the most and the one I think was more embarrassing than the other that right brings out V.P Joe Biden, his put you ” back in chains” comment to a largely black crowd is more them his usual gaffe that we blogger’s love to be writing about I know for a fact more than a few black people in attends were not happy about the comment and even more who saw it on the News . It was so bad uncle Joe was sent home for the weekend and I’m sure was told to keep his head down and his mouth shut and let this pass.

I will freely admit that this crazy uncle I am a big fan of I’m talking about Hank Williams Jr.I personally am not embarrassed by him at all or what he said “We’ve got a Muslim President who hates farming. hates the military.hates us and we hate him”.There or one or two things in there I believe to be true and I must not be the only one the crowd where is was playing cheered long and hard..But some on the Right found it to be an embarrassment.

Who in my humble is the worse crazy uncle? well you guessed it Uncle Joe Biden and it not because he’s a Democrat and it’s not that I think the man is dumb ( is not )It’s because the office he holds Mr.Biden is the second most powerful man in the world today! When Mr.Biden makes a gaffe it’s not only bad for him but for the whole US of A in the world’s eyes.When crazy Uncle Hank makes one the world just laughs it off and says those crazy rednecks what will they do or say next.

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The Old new wave band

The offbeat band Devo ( the ones with the crazy hats that looked and acted like robots )are trying to cash in on the presidential primary by writing a little tune about Mitt Rooney’s dog on his car roof .

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for people wanting to work as long as they can if they want to but come on guys (devo) at best yawl were a two-hit wonder in your hay day What are you trying to do pad the social security account a bit.

to old Devo

I just want to say a little something here to all bands There is a time to call it quits and rest on your past fame.If you wasted it on drugs, booze and lady’s well you still have the memoirs

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