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Non-family enterprise

How can someone in their right mind make the statement that a child’s education is a Non-family enterprise? Well, that what Hillary Clinton seems to believe. “How do we end up at a point where we are so negative about the greater, non-family enterprise and the raising of the next generation — which is how our kids are educated?”For real! A child’s education begins at the home the minute a mom or dad coo’s at a baby and continues to college or a trade school. So what does Mrs. Clinton want? Is her idea of school a big brother type of system like Communist China where the state picks who gets an education.                                  Hillary-Clinton-

Most American’s are Hard working folks who worry about our kid’s education, but we don’t want the state in total control of it.We as a whole work with our children. We don’t have or need a nanny’s raising them for us.


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If you needed a reason to try home school

If you needed a reason to try home school this may be the year to do it.With thousands of illegal aliens children crossing our southern border.Our school system is already on the verge of collapsing, classrooms over filled and with this added influx it can only get worse

5 reasons to do it

1. The school days are shorter, takes about 4 hrs at home, 6 to 8 at public schools

2. Students cover more subject matter in a shorter time spam.

3.One on One with the kids

4. No peer pressure

5.The parents control what their kids study




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Sandy Hook

sandy hook

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Longer School Days

For some school days are looking like they might get much longer up to 300 hrs longer. That is what five states are planning for 2013. the five states are  Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee, This initiative which hopes to boost student achievement and make U.S. schools more competitive on a global level.The three-year pilot program will affect almost 20,000 students in 40 schools.Federal, state and district funds will cover the costs also the Ford Foundation and the National Center on Time & Learning will be making funds available.More time in the classroom will give students more time for the arts and help those that are falling behind that is the hope anyway.



There is some research suggesting students who spend more hours learning perform better.One study comes out of Harvard’s Roland Fryer he states that intensive tutoring and adding at least 300 hours to the standard school calendar.But  A report last year from the National School Boards Association’s Center for Public Education disputed the notion that American schools have fallen behind in classroom time, pointing out that students in high-performing countries like South Korea, Finland, and Japan actually spend less time in school than most U.S. students.This is where I disagree with the National School Boards Association’s Center for Public Education schools in South Korea and Japan are very highly competitive from K thru 12 and beyond to get into the best schools the kids must prove themselves before they get in Family’s start prepping their children almost from birth as for homework they have 3 to 4 more than the children in the states, yes there are some schools that do this in the states but most if not all are private schools.

Can you just see the lawsuits if our public schools switched over to this it would have the counts locked up for years on end.

I’m not saying that we don’t need to do something about our schools system we do! and I do dearly hope this is the start of school reform here in the states

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Israel and Gaza

Gaza comes out crying to the world Israel is killing our children poor us I say Bullshit! This Gaza let Hamas set up shop there launch hundreds of missiles at Israel, Hamas are the one”s setting up missile launchers next to school, hospitals and playgrounds so if Gaza is looking for anyone to blame for the deaths of children and others they only need to look in their own backyards.So no I do not feel sorry for Gaza I feel sorry for the innocents that have to live with Hamas.

Hamas is no stranger to putting women, children and teens in harm’s way over the years Hamas has strapped bombs to women ,children and teens and blowing them up all in the name of God ! while all the time members of Hamas hide like the cowards they are in the shadows and cry like babies when they get what’s coming to them.

I hope Israel hunts each Hamas leader down and kills them in the street



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