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Is Vice President Joe Biden in


Is Vice President Joe Biden in or out for the race for the White House only time will tell.Rumor is going around that Hillary Clinton is vulnerable and may not have a chance to win the White House.If true and the Democratic Party pulls its support the next person with any chance might be Joe Biden.The problem with Joe is that he is a walking talking gaffe machine.I think he’s made more errors in the press them the last four Vice Presidents alive. the Left is now trying to say it’s part of his political charm.Charm No! Fool have one or two gaffes is charm more than ten is fools path.
Could he beat out Hillary Clinton? I think so it would not take a lot to do
His first nail in her coffin would be so simple talk to the press, be open to them give real interviews.The next would talk to real people not arrange/stage something as Clinton has done, and he has her beat.Do I think Joe Biden could win the White House? I hope not, but it would be entertaining to watch the gaffes fly if/when he gets into the race for the White House.

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Let the Race start

long_distance_runningI don’t know about you, but I feel we lost the White House the last election for one reason. That reason it took us so long to get to one candidate and the infighting took its toll as well. This time around let’s get to one candidate faster so we can all get behind him/her and push for the White House. I think all the folks that are planning on running need to come out in January no later than March. Let’s get this party started and anyone who tries to come in after March should be told by the Party no thank you we will not support you! This waiting till the last min crap has got to come to an end  

I think like most Americans I don’t want to hear trash talk about your opponent, I could care less about who you are they sleep with or send racy pics to. I want you to come out early and tell me the things that are important to you. Where you stand on human rights, taxes and jobs are you pro-military or not, or you pro-life or not, do you love the good old USA as much as I do. Will you try to be fair to all? This is what I want, and I’m sure that’s what most Americans want. We are tired of the double talk, tired of asking a question and not getting an answer. But the same old talking points no matter what the question is /was. Nothing makes me madder then watching an interview, and the guest totally keeps to the talking points no matter if it has anything to do with the question or not.  

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What if the Secret Service was


I want to start by stating this is pure speculation on my part.

With a series of high-profile security failures around Obama, the head of the United States Secret Service handed in her( Julia Pierson) resignation.

But what if Secret Service had planned security failures, what if like the like over 60% of Americans the Secret Service is tired of Obama’s crap.

How hard would it be for them to be a little slow a little lacks, think about it.

1. A disturbed Army War veteran jumped a fence at the White House and was able to advance through several rooms – See more at

2 A security contractor with a gun and three convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with Obama during a Sept. 16 trip the president made to Atlanta.

3.Shots fired at the White House and not found out about for more than a few weeks.

I wonder if maybe the United States Secret Service was sending a message to the world ” come take out this fool for us ” we can only wonder

Once more this is only pure speculation on my part.

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King of the World when it comes to Climate Change

Barack-Obama-I watch news channels ABC,NBC,CNN,FOX and no I don’t watch MSNBC, For the last couple of week the big news on most of them has been the new climate change report being released by the White House . In the report, it talks about the most comprehensive review of climate change in more than a decade, outlining new rules on emissions at power plants. Saying the efforts taken so far have been insufficient. The report also warns that coastal areas are unprepared for rising sea levels and areas of the south need to do more to prepare for water shortages.This si all fine and well I could come up with just as many PHDs as this reports that say climate change is full of holes. But my real question is what good is this report what are the new rules on emissions at power plants going to do for the world? here is a list of the most polluted places on earth

La Oroya, Peru, Norilsk Russia, Citarun River Indonesia , Kabwe, Zambia, Riachuelo Basin, Argentina, Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan,and Sukinda, India there are a lot more but do you notice what they all have in common? They are not part of the US of A and unless no one told me Obama has  become king of the world this climate change report is pure BS it’s not going to change anything in the world climate, at this point someone out there is saying but its a start we can push it to the U.N and make them enforce it worldwide. This is the biggest joke of all and yes I’m talking about the U.N, how are they going to enforce it Hell the U.N can’t even get  more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram militants how can they enforce anything.

This climate change report is for one thing it going to be a stepping stone for more taxes, just another way for D.C to line their pockets with our money


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like My Mommy Said

lies Like mommy said, “A lie sooner or later will come back to bite you in the butt.”This seems to be what is happening to the Obama administration with the latest e-mail to be released. The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is having a very hard time trying to explain away what seems to be a very large lie about Benghazi and what the real-time line is or was.Mr Carney is trying to say that the e-mails that came this week have nothing to do with Benghazi.Unfortunately for Mr Carney the second page of the e-mail addresses the Benghazi attack.Making Mr.Carney a teller of tall tales. One wonder who Mr.Carney is protecting is it the Obama administration or the then Sec. of state Hilary Clinton maybe in years to come Mr.Carney will write a tell all book and let us know.

How bad is it getting for the White House and Press Secretary Jay Carney well friends are starting to turn on both A large “Morning Joe” panel on MSNBC universally panned White House press secretary Jay Carney one of the panel members went as far as to say he’s(Ron Fournier) “getting Baghdad Bob flashbacks.” Now there is this former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told Fox News that Obama was not in the White House’s basement Situation Room monitoring events as they unfolded in September of 2012. So where was he what was more important than saving four American people who in the end gave theirs life’s we have still to hear out of the White House about this. Also on Friday, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced he will now back forming a select committee to ramp up investigations in Benghazi. It’s about time, Speaker John Boehner this should have been done more than a year ago.




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In Protest of

IN protest of the White House not allowing press photographers to take more candid photographs of President Barack Obama.I will be using this photo of him when I make post


Now I don’t kid myself I know very few people will see this but I feel better-showing support for press photographers

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