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Ferguson Riots

Ferguson Riots, I don’t know much more than anyone else, who is not there.But I know this for sure somewhere in Ferguson a mother’s heart is broken, and tears are being shed, she lost her little boy, I’m not saying he was a good man, a sick man or someone just like you and me all I can say for sure is my prayers go out to his mother.

But what upsets me are the carrion birds feeding off of this, and I’m going to call them out on it first The new Black Panthersth (11)

The New Black Panthers are not there to help the family, they are there for one reason to get the name out to the media and spread the same message of hate their counterparts the KKK has the only difference is the color of their skin.

The next person is the King of all media carrion birds Al (12)

Old Al Sharpton been at this for 30 yrs or more always showing up to get his name in the paper and on tv and his hand into someone’s pocket, did you think he is in this just to help don’t kid yourself he is there for one thing and one thing only the money baby.

Here is the real deal in about 2 months maybe 3 if you ask Al Sharpton or The New Black Panthers who the young man in Ferguson name was dollar to a doughnut they won’t be able to tell you ., but if you mention the Ferguson Riots themselves they will be able to say you and gladly I might add what THEY DID there.

Some may not agree with me and that fine this is my rant.


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People I would like the Knockout Game to Happen to

People  I  would like the Knockout Game to Happen to and maybe it would wake them up to real life

Kanye West. singer who needs it more then most

Miley Cyrus.singer , for thinking she has to be a slut on stage to make it

Piers Morgan. CNN newscaster,who believes hes right no matter the facts

Martin Bashir  Former MSNBC newscaster on he take on Sarah Palin

Chris Matthews  MSNBC I would say newscaster but that would bring shame on real newscasters

Jesse Jacksoncivil rights activist better known as a race baiter

Al Sharptoncivil rights activist better known as a race baiter

House and Senate members  . For thinking about themselves more then the people

Obama .For thinking about Himself more then the people

David Simon . HBO producer and socialist

Mayor Michael Bloomberg  socialist to all but himself.  Mayor of New York City

Kathleen Sebelius   Health and Human Services Secretary

John Boehner ,Speaker of the House

I know that this is not all of them and i will update this post

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The Big “O” is a joke

Oprah Winfrey

The big “O” is a joke when it come to race, comparing Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin. first and foremost Mr.Till by all accounts was an innocence boy of 14  in 1955 on the other hand  Trayvon Martin had a police rap sheet was a known drug user and had a history of violence and by most accounts a hater of anything gay and we have that little thing called court where Mr.Zimmerman was found not guilty. .So to compare Trayvon Martin to Emmitt Till  is both a shame on his name as well as a civil rights movement  in Mississippi. Maybe the “O” should keep her “O” closed

Why did Oprah do this I think she did it for the same reason that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do things it for one thing to make money! not to help blacks but to help themselves.

Oprah just happened to bring this up as she was pushing the new movie she will be in called “the butler.” anything to make a dollar way to go there “O”.

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