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Primary / Caucus Good Fun


On the Republican Caucus with 99% showing, it looks like it’s going to be Cruz. Good job Mr.Cruz.Trump is coming in second, and Rubio is coming in a very close third, the very pleasant surprise for me was who is coming in fourth Dr.Carson as I have stated more than once I believe that he is the smartest man in the group “Great Job Doctor”.Another surprise for me was that Paul beat out Bush by 2% overall it was a good night for the top four..Now the one’s I would like to see drop out on the Republican side are Rick Santorum with 1% come on Rick it’s time to stop.Chris Christie at 2% love you bro but time to hang it up.Carly Fiorina at 2% you gave it a hella run girl but time to drop.John Kasich at2% don’t know why you stayed so long.Jeb Bush at 2% I would like to see you drop out and with no Delegates out of Iowa it’s time, but you probably won’t.

 Mike Huckabee has done the right thing and dropped out of the race.

      Rand Paul suspended his Republican presidential campaign on Wednesday

On the Democratic Caucus, it looks like it down to a two-person race with Martin O’Malley dropping out with only 1%.I still don’t think O’Malley was just there for show not for the win.Mr.O’Malley, in my opinion, had no heart to be in the race and the one and only reason he was there was to make it look like the race was not fixed for Hilary.

As of right now with 94% of the votes  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are running neck and neck!  Sanders has got 21 Delegates and Hillary’s 22  Delegates.I think this is going to come to a surprise to the Clinton camp and we may see some very nasty ad’s hitting  Sanders hard before the next state Caucus.So Hilary may be fighting a battle on two side’s.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to close to call

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Debate blood bath

Last night debate was  a little bit of a blood bath for both Cruz and Rubio without Trump there in person taking the heat.Cruz found out its not a walk in the park being the main focus, I think it took him by surprise how harsh it is to have the center podium, Rubio never back off of Cruz hitting at him every chance an opening came up.Cruz for his part gave as good as he got back at Rubio it was a fun thing to watch. The rest of the crowd was not bashful about hitting at Cruz and Rubio as well, and I believe the biggest loser of the night was Paul once more he being himself second was Bush, in my opinion, he had one maybe two moments but over all very lackluster; followed by Carson. I like Carson don’t get me wrong I also believe he may be the smartest man in the room, but his problem is that he is too nice.The rest of the field were there but for me had little if no impact neither lost ground or gained any.

The overall winner of this debate was Trump! why? well, I blame it mostly on Fox News themselves, Megan Kelly first shot out of the barrel had to bring him up(not good) then the man (Cruz)holding the center spot seemed not to be able to control himself and brought the 900-pound elephant which is Trump back into the room several times.I kept asking myself why not talk about the issues this is the one time you have an open field to tell us who you are but you blew it, too bad it was a chance that may not show itself again.

Overall I enjoyed the debate it was a good waste of two hours.


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Will it Hurt The Donalds Numbers


Some are betting that Trump not going to the last debate before the Iowa Caucus’s is going to hurt his numbers. As of right now Trump is running about 41% favorability nationwide.Other’s including me wonder if this is just another stunt to keep his name in the news and it may very well be.But if you think about it, it worked for Paul, he jumps back to the main stage after skipping the last debate.

The other candidates I’m sure are hoping that it backfires on Trump.The one who is probably hoping for this the most is Ted Cruz, who of now is running a  solid second in polls nationwide, and this could very well push him into first if this backlashes on Trump or, at least, Cruz may pick up a few percents points helping him close the gap between himself and Trump.

As far as any of the other candidates making any gains out of this as far as I can see maybe Rubio he may win one maybe two percents points but I feel it’s not going to be that much.The rest of the candidates will have to make one hell of a showing “IF” they are planning to make any gains at all, this is, in my opinion, is the last chance most of the lower polling candidates have to move up.

Once more, in my opinion, anyone coming out of Iowa Caucus polling below 3% should consider dropping out of the race … just saying.



Bloomberg reported:

Trump isn’t the first top-tier presidential candidate to skip a debate. Ronald Reagan did not attend a Republican debate ahead of the 1980 Iowa caucuses, which he lost to George H.W. Bush. Reagan went on to the win the nomination and the presidency.



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Little Fire tonite at the Main Debate


Now this was a debate! We see some fire on the stage some good flat foot fighting between the candidates.I can honestly say I can’t decide who was the winners here. I believe I know who are the losers are and one of them, unfortunately, is someone I do like and that is Ben Carson he looked like he was lost he got off a couple of good lines but other than that Ben should consider dropping out.I believe the other is Jeb Bush yes he was more forceful tonite made a few points but once more Trump handed him his butt when he tried but failed to take on Trump.Cruz and Rubio were the most fun to watch in their exchange got a little tense was fun politics.Christie had an excellent night he hit hard and fast a good job there. The one who surprised me was Kasich  he came out strong and had more than a few good lines.Trump was in a good mood, but he may be underestimating some of the contenders we will wait and see.But overall it was a good and fun two hours.

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