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Two Old Married People


How many people watched last night’s Democratic debate and thought to themselves this sounds just like my grandparents fighting who have been married for forty years.Saying the same thing but fighting about it!It bought a loud chuckle out of me.My wife asks me what was so funny I told her if I didn’t know better I could swear it was her grandparents bickering.Then it got even funnier when the fight started over Obama.For all the world Bernie sounded like the pissed off dad of a son(Obama) who had wrecked the family car.Hillary looked like the overprotected mom trying to defend her mommy’s boy for all his past sins.Overall it reminded why I would not vote for either one.

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Rick Santorum dropped out of the race yesterday, It was no surprise to anyone only pulling 1% in the first Caucus is not a good thing.Ricks not a bad person but in this election cycle I believe he was drowned out by the louder voices of the top three. Rick Santorum   endorsing Marco Rubio seems to have helped Rubio of as the polls Rubio has moved into second place.

Do I think Rick Santorum should give it another chance; after two attempts I think  Mr.Santorum might want to start looking at other things.

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Thank you Mr.Paul


Rand Paul stopped his run for the Republican presidential nod today.I would like to state right off I have never been a Paul supporter for Rand or his dad, But this does not mean that I don’t hold great respect for them both.I think the  Pauls have some great idea’s in general but I also know that in reality that a lot of the ideas would never happen but I’m glad Paul was in the race and I wish him the best and my God bless him and his family.

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Primary / Caucus Good Fun


On the Republican Caucus with 99% showing, it looks like it’s going to be Cruz. Good job Mr.Cruz.Trump is coming in second, and Rubio is coming in a very close third, the very pleasant surprise for me was who is coming in fourth Dr.Carson as I have stated more than once I believe that he is the smartest man in the group “Great Job Doctor”.Another surprise for me was that Paul beat out Bush by 2% overall it was a good night for the top four..Now the one’s I would like to see drop out on the Republican side are Rick Santorum with 1% come on Rick it’s time to stop.Chris Christie at 2% love you bro but time to hang it up.Carly Fiorina at 2% you gave it a hella run girl but time to drop.John Kasich at2% don’t know why you stayed so long.Jeb Bush at 2% I would like to see you drop out and with no Delegates out of Iowa it’s time, but you probably won’t.

 Mike Huckabee has done the right thing and dropped out of the race.

      Rand Paul suspended his Republican presidential campaign on Wednesday

On the Democratic Caucus, it looks like it down to a two-person race with Martin O’Malley dropping out with only 1%.I still don’t think O’Malley was just there for show not for the win.Mr.O’Malley, in my opinion, had no heart to be in the race and the one and only reason he was there was to make it look like the race was not fixed for Hilary.

As of right now with 94% of the votes  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are running neck and neck!  Sanders has got 21 Delegates and Hillary’s 22  Delegates.I think this is going to come to a surprise to the Clinton camp and we may see some very nasty ad’s hitting  Sanders hard before the next state Caucus.So Hilary may be fighting a battle on two side’s.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to close to call

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Can Chris Matthews Bury his Nose any Deeper


I just wonder just how far Chris Matthews can bury his nose…..whole damn head up the Democratic party’s butt.For the last seven plus years, he’s had a tingle up his leg for Obama.Chris Matthews and the rest of MSNBC have done nothing but run cover for Obama and his thugs, Now Chris Matthews is feeling butterflies for Hilary, he like’s Hillary personally and politically.”I have one thing to say for Chris knock off your high school mentality and your boy and girl crushes and grow the hell up.For pete’s sake, your and old man look in the mirror.But I forget who you work for MSNBC the place where a reporter who can’t cut it in the big league’s go to die and get laughed at its sad.

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Debate blood bath

Last night debate was  a little bit of a blood bath for both Cruz and Rubio without Trump there in person taking the heat.Cruz found out its not a walk in the park being the main focus, I think it took him by surprise how harsh it is to have the center podium, Rubio never back off of Cruz hitting at him every chance an opening came up.Cruz for his part gave as good as he got back at Rubio it was a fun thing to watch. The rest of the crowd was not bashful about hitting at Cruz and Rubio as well, and I believe the biggest loser of the night was Paul once more he being himself second was Bush, in my opinion, he had one maybe two moments but over all very lackluster; followed by Carson. I like Carson don’t get me wrong I also believe he may be the smartest man in the room, but his problem is that he is too nice.The rest of the field were there but for me had little if no impact neither lost ground or gained any.

The overall winner of this debate was Trump! why? well, I blame it mostly on Fox News themselves, Megan Kelly first shot out of the barrel had to bring him up(not good) then the man (Cruz)holding the center spot seemed not to be able to control himself and brought the 900-pound elephant which is Trump back into the room several times.I kept asking myself why not talk about the issues this is the one time you have an open field to tell us who you are but you blew it, too bad it was a chance that may not show itself again.

Overall I enjoyed the debate it was a good waste of two hours.


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E-mails will it kill


The latest news on Hilary’s emails, while she was still head of the state department, are a little too much to overlook you would think”for your eyes only” or  Sap (“special access programs”)is the most secret level you can get.For example, Snowden, who ran off to Russia to avoid jail time, was never even close to this level, and yet he is still wanted, and Hilary is still running for president.

Can you imagine the phone calls the flavors offered and possibly other things that are provided by the Hilary camp to make this go away it boggles the mind? Will Hilary do like Bill and slime her way out of this?I’m betting Hilary and her camp will give it one hell of a shot.

If old  Bernie Sanders wants  to take out Hilary for real this is his chance; Hilary is served up and ready to fall just a small nudge, as of right now he is within a few points of overtaking her with a good ad or TV show spot he could surge so far ahead of Hilary he never have to look back.

The sad truth of it is that Hilary will walk away from this as if it never happened.

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