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What Trump did right


Love or hate him you have to say Trump made the race a fun show.In all my voting years, I must say this it was a real rollercoaster ride.At the start like most, I thought Trump has the same chance as a snowball has in hell.Trump had sixteen very qualified opponents that by all talking points should have put him in the ground the first week.Newscasters made all matter of fun of Trump being in the race, and I think this is what made most of his opponents not consider him a treat. So what did he do right?

Connected with people who thought all the policial class no longer care about them, this I believe was and is his strongest point.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION this is another point that hit hard with a lot of folks, most folks want it to come to a stop.Over sixty percent support stronger steps to slow or stop it altogether.Trump talking points rang true to what a lot of folks are thinking

Said what he was thinking out loud most of us no matter what party we like have held back a few biting remarks we would love to say to some folks.

When ask to do an interview on Network News In the most part he would at the least call in.Had no fear of the news outlets and in most cases played the news game far better than they could.

Social media Trump is a master at this love or hate him he was/is like a flame for moths with it came to social media,There was not a day in the last year he was not treading on top or very near it.{Note to the rest of the Republican Party you might want to keep this in mind)

Jobs Do I need to say more it’s what most folks need and want.

PC crowd In most cases he stood his ground, but he did waver on one or two.

Will Trump do a good job in the White House only time will tell I pray he will.


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