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The Blame game still going


The Blame game is still going after 5 years. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer once more tried to lay the blame for Obama’s White House on the Bush administration.The first year I took this with a grain of salt by the year 3 it was starting to get out of hand, This the 5th year is just plain stupidity. It’s more than time for the Obama administration to man up and start taking some of the blame for its own mistakes and they have more than a few “IRS scandal, Benghazi, fast and furious, double deficit, lowest workforce participation, highest poverty rates and highest food stamp rate in decades.”Then we have the Obamacare hot mess which seems to be getting worse by the day.

I don’t want to hear for the next 3 yrs how it’s the Bush administration, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or that’s it’s anyone’s else’s fault that the Obama’s administration screwed up. The buck stops at the oval office. If it’s too much for the Obama administration then they need to step aside and let some who can handle it steps in.

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Planned Parenthood tryed to cross a very dangerous line

dangerous line

Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, tried to get “Infants born alive” bill  stopped when she argued for a right to post-birth abortion. The law makes were in shock to hear this to say least .” State Rep. Jim Boyd said.“So, um, it is just really hard for me to even ask you this question because I’m almost in disbelief,

“If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happened to that child that is struggling for life?”

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” Snow said.

I just want to know what kind of sick people run Planned Parenthood this is way over the line to even think of this !! and who in their right mind would even think of something like this.Planned Parenthood wonders why they get death threats and bomb threats well here would be a shining example of why that happens.

The good new is a bill passed the subcommittee with a 10-2 vote. One person missed the vote.

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If your going to run with the sharks


If your going to run with sharks Ms. Wendy Davis you need to get the facts about your life correct in this day and age of social media someone will uncover and post them on the web, is it fair probably not but life is not fair . It seems that Ms. Davis may have stretched the truth about a few things

Did she live in a trailer? yes, she did but for how long according to reports for a few months is this a lie no it is not, but the way she states it you would believe it was much longer.

Was Ms. Davis divorced at 19 as she claims it seems not she was 21 to forget 2 years that comes in as a lie for me.

Some folks are saying that Ms. Davis only married her second husband for money ( a sugar baby if you will) I can find no proof of this at all, It is a little ironic that her husband made the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan the next day Ms.Davis left.

Does this at all make Ms.Davis look bad some would say yes? I think the country is looking for people to be honest with them we all have things in our past better left there, but if you’re going to run in politics it’s going to get nasty and very fast and it’s better to own up to your past than to try to remake it

Would I vote for Ms. Davis no I would not I am pro-life she is very much not so

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Happy MLK day



Its to bad Dr.King that your dream is falling apart

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You Knew the Race Card was Coming


You Knew it was coming we just didn’t know when ! well it just hit yes for the shame of it all Obama used the Race Card! and what did Obama use it for ? his falling poll numbers of all things.

So let’s all give him a pity party! Man-up Mr.Obama life is not always going to be on your side.What an example you are too young black men not to be Strong if things don’t go way just throw a pity party and a few race cards out.You claim to be black so be black but for goodness sake be a good example for black youth.

This not only shames black people but the rest of us as well knock off the pity, I don’t care what color you are do your job or get the hell out-of-the-way so others can


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Obama ask Us to Trust Him

Barack-Obama- butthead

Obama ask us to trust him about the NSA for real! and he had the nerve to say this “The men and women of the intelligence community, including the NSA, consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people.”Please! if it had not been for Edward Snowden a former member of the NSA we the people would have never known about the data that the NSA was and still is collecting on all of us.Then we have the big lie if you like your Doctor your can keep him. and last but not by the least the new report on 2012 Benghazi attacks that shows you!! Mr Obama and then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton knew within minutes that it was a terrorist attack, but you still let Rice come out to the morning shows and lie about it. So why on God’s green earth should I or the country take your word Mr. Obama for anything.

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It Did My Heart Good

Oprah Winfrey

It did my heart good to see that Oprah Winfrey got a total stub at the 86th annual Academy Awards for her part in the “Lee Daniels The Butler” The woman can’t act! The only thing Oprah is good at and I say this with the utmost disrespect that I can muster is shoot her mouth off on things she has no idea about She like most far left folks in Hollywood and DC live in a bubble and have no idea what the real world is like for the rest of us.

Oprah Winfrey is for the all about “I!” the only way she got so poplar on her tv show was all the bribes I mean gifts she gave out.

What Oprah is for

.Big Government

.Higher tax’s

More welfare

Less Freedom ( unless it’s her and her leftist buddy’s )

Gun control ( only criminals should have guns )

Race baiting ( much like her good friend Jesse Jackson )

Have I said how much I dislike this woman! I think this about covers it.

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