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Can you see the difference

Can you see the difference


between them


I can’t

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some things never change





same ideals

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Syria conundrum


The Syria conundrum  is a problem  that  is getting worse for the U.S  and the rest of the world.It was bad enough that they have killed over six thousand of it own countrymen and tens of thousands made homeless the U.S and the U.N have both condemned Syria’s dictator Bashkir al-Assad, but that has done little are nothing at all to stop him or even slow him down.

In the past few day Syria’s dictator Bashkir al-Assad has started to move his large stockpile of chemical weapons toward the battle zones and is threatening to use them on the rebels and any who may be near them. Obama for his part has said “make the tragic mistake of using those weapons, there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable”, But what Obama did not say was anything about military action and  words have had very little effect on  dictator Bashkir al-Assad at all.bashar-al-assad

the only military action that I have been able to find is to send Patriot anti-missile missiles to Turkey by the U.N

The Syria conundrum is this if the rebels should capture Syria’s chemical weapons say a convoy of trucks then what?Will the Syria rebels turn them over to the U.N forces or will they turn the chemical weapons on dictator Bashkir al-Assad forces? and if they do what is the U.N going to do about it? Another thing to think about is that not all the rebel forces are friendly to the West, Europe or the Middle East.If any of the chemical weapons fell in the hands of Hamas they would have no problem using it on Israel  another group would be more than happy to use the chemical weapons on U.S troops and bases in the middle east and export it to Europe and the good old U.S of A.

So what are we and the World to do?Well, for one thing not set on our hands and do nothing. The first thing I would do is move the Fleet within striking distance of Syria and take out the chemical plants and stockpiles that way the Syria forces can’t use it and it can’t fall into the wrong hands

UPDATE!!!! Syria has loaded chemical weapons into bombs and is ready to use them, Fox News confirms.

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Israel and Gaza

Gaza comes out crying to the world Israel is killing our children poor us I say Bullshit! This Gaza let Hamas set up shop there launch hundreds of missiles at Israel, Hamas are the one”s setting up missile launchers next to school, hospitals and playgrounds so if Gaza is looking for anyone to blame for the deaths of children and others they only need to look in their own backyards.So no I do not feel sorry for Gaza I feel sorry for the innocents that have to live with Hamas.

Hamas is no stranger to putting women, children and teens in harm’s way over the years Hamas has strapped bombs to women ,children and teens and blowing them up all in the name of God ! while all the time members of Hamas hide like the cowards they are in the shadows and cry like babies when they get what’s coming to them.

I hope Israel hunts each Hamas leader down and kills them in the street



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