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The Cost of Political Activism

Political activism seem to be costing one company a ton of money AOL”s stock took a 22% drop in its Quarterly profits, That a whopping 64 percent to its net income, which comes in cash to be $9.3 million.


It seems that Political activism (Huffington Post) is not as profit-making as AOL had hoped.I for one and many others as well seen AOLs stock take a small upturn when they first bought out the Huffington Post. a few years ago believing the Left-leaning political talking heads knew what they were talking about that the country as a whole was going Left. Surprise! the good old US of A is more of a middle ground then a Left or a Right. Let’s face it! AOL and Huffington Post went to the bleeding edge of the far Left. Covering any and all things Left and doing their level best to destroy anyone or thing that tried to disagree with them. Do I feel sorry for AOL not one little bit and I hope their stockholders keep selling off.

If however AOL wants to save its self the first thing they need to do is divest themselves from the Huffington post and go back to what they knew more about the business of Entertaining they might be able to save themselves.




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All the spin Doctors

All the spin Doctors in D.C need to recall what Abraham Lincoln said “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”

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The 3 scandals that are rocking D.C  can not be spun away by the well-paid spin doctors.

Benghazi terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate, The talking points changed 12 times come on if your kid did that you would know for a fact he/she was lying to you.

The I.R.S targeting group and people based on their affiliation with certain groups is a blemish on the soul of this great country and heads should roll.Both the Right, Left and the Middle should be yelling and demanding to know how high up the ladder this went.

 Associated Press monitoring all of this newsgathering information from the Associated Pres
s, this should be a cold reminder to the press they need to keep in mind who they are whoring them self’s out too and try to recall they the press are supposed to be the watchdogs not the lap dogs of anyone or any party.

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The New Numbers

The New Numbers are starting to come in and it’s not looking good.jobless benefits have increased by 78,000, bringing the total to 439,000, up from 361,000.funny how good the numbers were before the election and how fast they drop less than a week after the election but it just happens “RIGHT”! nothing strange about that right? Would no one fix the numbers to make things look better right?

The Numbers will be going up even more in the next few weeks as well major company’s have or will begin to lay off people .here are few that have started or planning on it

NBCUniversal – 500

Xerox Corp. – 2,500

Citigroup Inc. – 100 in Long Island NY

Atlantic City’s Casinos – Workers Face Layoffs After Sandy

Update: Smithfield Foods Inc. Meat Plant VA – Starting Layoffs

Cummins – Starts Layoffs in Indiana

Solel Solar Systems ( International ) – 140+

Pierce Manufacturing in Bradenton – Layoffs begin

Hostess – 3 Plant Closing = 627 Jobs Lost

Gamesa Energy – 92 Layoff Notices

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors – 459 Possible Layoffs

Wake Forest Baptist Medical NC – 950 Positions by June 2013

Turkey Point Nuclear Plant FL – 277 Layoffs Possible

Tooele County UT – 22

Glens Falls Hospital NY – 29

Bayou Cane, Louisiana – 7 FD Layoffs Likely

Publishing Firm Lulu in Raleigh – 9

Hamilton FD Ohio – Possible 2 Closing – 17 Layoffs

Mississippi County Arkansas – About 12 Layoffs

The Brattleboro Retreat – 27 Layoffs, 4 Positions Lost

World Media Enterprises – 105 Jobs Cut

Reports Of Cuts Coming To GE Healthcare In Vermont

For more layoff information check the website

So this will be adding to the numbers and we don’t know how much small companies’s will be laying off good folks

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