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Hillary’s presidential campaign 2.0

Seems Hillary’s first presidential campaign was not doing all that well so she has come out with a redo or a 2.0 upgrade.Will it give her the boost she needs? If the Iowa watch party is any indication, it will be a slight bump, A total of six people showed for that, and one of them was a staffer.The big question that should be on everyone’s mind is will she talk to the press. This time around and take issues or will she play like Muhammad Ali and do a rope a dope on the press?I’M betting on the rope a dope.


Hillary’s first mistake was/is her last name. More than a few people think it’s way too soon for another Clinton to be in the White House in both parties, and I agree with them.

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Not a good weekend for Uncle Joe

Not a good weekend for Uncle Joe! I’m a little worried about Joe Biden I think his mind may be slipping away that or Mr Biden is hitting the Jameson (15 yr old Irish whiskey)a little too much.Don’t get me wrong I have loved all the gaffes.But the gaffes  seem to be coming more and more often just this last weekend he seems to forget who he is working for and calls Obama ….Clinton  or is Joe just wishing!  I think maybe Mr.Biden is not a fan of our current president and may be secretly hoping that Obama is kicked out of office, let’s cross our fingers and hope hi’s right

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I’m thinking Bill has not forgiven


I’m thinking Bill has not forgiven Obama for the defeat of his wife in the last presidential election. Yes Obama did make Hillary Secretary of State to try to smooth things over, but, not for certain that it did any good.example would be the latest little dig that former president Clinton made by saying that Mitt Romney was qualified to be the President of the United States and his business success at investment capital. To quote Mr. Clinton “this is good work…there is no question that the man has been a governor and has a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.” but in my humble opinion little digs like this, especially in a very close political atmosphere, could cause a lot of damage to Mr. Obama. This is why I think we will see more of this out of the Clintons and their backers as this race and election come closer.

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