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Marco Rubio a winner not so much


Looking around the web and TV, you would swear that Marco Rubio was the big winner tonight in South Carolina with things like he’s the comeback kid, He did so well and if all the lower polling candidates would just drop out he could beat Trump!Get a grip folks think about it! He had three major party Republicans backing him South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy and barely made second.It was not a win for him I don’t care how you paint the picture.Marco Rubio needs to up his game a lot with how close him and Cruz were/are Cruz could and very well may surpass him in the next primary.So I hope this so called win does not go to his head

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The Race and what needs to Happen



The South Carolina Primary tonight was another blowout for Donald Trump he is 20% ahead of second place whoever should get it, Now a lot of the old guard once more are just putting this off a just a weird election year.wake up folks!Trump has a head of steam and unless the last two lower tier candidates drop out like Jeb! Bush so it is a three man race; Trump will run through SEC or Super Tuesday like a hot knife through butter.If that should happen there will be no stopping Trump and in all truth, it may be too late.


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The New York Times: leaves a little something out


The New York Times: leaves a little something out

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Two more reasons not to vote for Bush

Jeb Bush

Two more reasons not to vote for Bush! in the last day or so Bush has more than gone out of his way to give Obama wiggle room the latest are “Bush Its’not divisive’ for Obama to speak at a mosque.” and “I would probably nominate justice in Obama shoes” is he so desperate that he is trying to pander to the left. Hate to tell you this JEB! but your Rino is starting to show badly.


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Two Old Married People


How many people watched last night’s Democratic debate and thought to themselves this sounds just like my grandparents fighting who have been married for forty years.Saying the same thing but fighting about it!It bought a loud chuckle out of me.My wife asks me what was so funny I told her if I didn’t know better I could swear it was her grandparents bickering.Then it got even funnier when the fight started over Obama.For all the world Bernie sounded like the pissed off dad of a son(Obama) who had wrecked the family car.Hillary looked like the overprotected mom trying to defend her mommy’s boy for all his past sins.Overall it reminded why I would not vote for either one.

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Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina suspends 2016 campaign

Chris Christie cfiorina-bio

Chris Christie, I will miss your booming voice and wise cracks.Maybe we will see you again after we get new republican president I do believe you would make a very goog AG

Carly Fiorina you put up a good fight but it just was not your time.Good luck in your future endeavorer’s

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich

John Kasich

Ok, I will admit it  John Kasich caught me off guard!I Had written him off long ago and ask why he was still in the race? Then he ups his game and grabs second place in the New Hampshire Primary; my hat off to you good sir!

How I had seen the race was Trump, Cruz, Rubio and maybe Chris Christie.I would have never guessed it would be John Kasich right behind Trump and Rubio coming in behind Bush total mind blown, Now some are saying that John Kasich has no place to go for real? people! I had totally written the man off.This election cycle is not like any I have ever seen, and I think it will continue to surprise us it is one of the reasons I have not hooked myself to anyone candidate it is way to wild this time around, and it’s happening in both party who would have  guessed a no-name Senator could beat Hilary by 21% points  in the    New Hampshire Primary, not I.going to be a good long fight lot of fun.

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