When will they give it a rest

29 Jul


Well, looks like today another Democrat threw her hat in the ring calling the Washington Redskins name “insensitive” Who was this brave woman you ask it was none other than Hillary Clinton.Yes, it is the same “insensitive” Hillary Clinton. who did not answer that 3 am phone called that cost 5 people their lives let us not forget when she was head of the Dept of State?

Hillary Clinton is also buddy with the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, But friends with a fake Indian is not “insensitive”.

But let’s get back to football team Washington Redskins Nearly every Democratic leader has already come out in support of dropping the team name, But why? and if the team owner gives in what name will they demand next to be dropped Kansas city chiefs, Atlanta braves and Next thing you know, animals will be objecting to the name Bears and fish will object to the name Dolphin! Oh no!!!. Then we have this little state called Oklahoma since the word means red man is that going to have to go as well as you can see this is a high point having ones head up ones own butt

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