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I didn’t know


I didn’t know! For real that I now am living an alternative lifestyle” No I’m not gay or have more than one wife! but what I am is married and have four children. What did you say that’s it’s not “alternative lifestyle” well according to NBC’s Skyler Wilder it is !. Well, I may not be a David Wise, the freestyle skiing halfpipe gold medalist who this was said about But.

I would like to ask Skyler Wilder when being married became an “alternative lifestyle”.My understanding is that about 3/4 of the world’s population still believes in marriage in one form or the other. Which brings me to another question at NBC do any of the so-called reporters read any of the data they are handed before they blur it out on Live broadcast or social media. I’m thinking not.

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Life is being busy

Life is being busy of late so I have not posted in a week or so ,Sorry about that I’M going to try to start posting once a week. More if life let’s me

lol cat

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