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Oregon to abandon its failed ObamaCare exchange

Oregon to abandon its failed ObamaCare exchange after months of trying to get a website up going spending $400 million taxpayer dollars, Oregon will be joining the

My questions are these.

Will the so-called website builder Oracle.return the $4 to 6 million it reportedly spend to build a non-working site, will criminal investigation happen?

Will both Gov. John Kitzhaber (D-Ore.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) do the right thing and not run for office both are up for both up for reelection.


Congress, requests from Democrats and Republicans have triggered a federal investigation of the broken system. One would hope, will it led to anything I don’t think so! I think it’s just a dog and pony show for the public.

Last of all do you know that $400 million is just short of a 1/4 of a billion dollars let that run around you mind for a few, 1DollarBillPlain

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Funny Thing

Funny thing happened on ABC and NBC the other day it seems both networks were trying to get the Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy to support Hillary Clinton’s prospective 2016 run, much as she did for Obama .Ms.Kennedy would not come out and give her nod, What Ms.Kennedy did was say was “she was looking forward to Hillary Clinton running and thought she’d make a great candidate“,In political speak this far from a ringing endorsement as much ABC, NBC and the Washington Post would like to spin it .Ms.Kennedy supported Obama over Clinton in his presidency run race as well for his second term, But has been very soft spoken about Hillary’s might be run and was barely goaded into making the statement abovecaroline kennedy





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May blessing happen to you and yours

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