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Playing with Pigs

Yorkshire_pigs_at_animal_sanctuaryTo the Trump and Cruz faction and to the candidates themselves enough with the mud slinging,I for one don’t care what you’re wife looks like naked or having a bad hair day or for that matter how many or how often you had or have not slept with.I care what you plan on doing for the Nation,Jobs,Miltary,and how are you planning on Protecting us.I grow tired of all the Yellow Journalism out of both sides supporters, you all need to put in as much energy in destroying Hillary and Sanders as you are in fighting each other and let the voters choose who they want to represent them.

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Sad News Today

My heart and prays go out to the folks in Brussels.To the terrorist who plotted this, I hope you rot in hell! Cowards the whole lot of you.To the people who are welcoming all undocumented people coming into your country I hope the hell you will wake up now!  Folks this is coming/already here to the USA don’t think it won’t These animals need to be hunted down and hung in a very public place.

Reflect on this folks under Obama we now have the weakest military since W.W.Two. Be it Cruz or Trump we need a strong Leader in the White House who is not bowing and scraping to ever petite little world leader.One who will carry a big stick and not be afraid to use it.

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Rubio Thank You


Rubio I was never much of a fan of your’s but I must say sir you ended your run tonight with a lot of class.Thank you sir for dropping out of the race.

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Who will owe the most Favors

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Who will owe the most favors this political season? Well if you go by the money trail that we know about

Hillary Clinton (D) $57,748,407
$130,443,637 Outside groups
Campaign committee
Ted Cruz (R) $46,726,605
$54,661,506 Outside groups
Campaign committee
Bernie Sanders (D) $45,234
$96,311,423 Outside groups
Campaign committee
Marco Rubio (R) $34,313,903
$34,652,654 Outside groups
Campaign committee
Donald Trump (R) $1,894,509
$25,526,319 Outside groups
Campaign committee
John Kasich (R) $6,729,311
$8,648,890 Outside groups
Campaign committee
Jill Stein (3) 0
$300,421 Outside groups
Campaign committee
See data for also-ran candidates

NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2016 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released electronically on Monday, March 07, 2016.

Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center:

I know a lot of you are saying just because they take money does not mean they pay back in favors, and I say don’t kid yourself! We are talking about so much money most of us will never make it in our lifetime. Favors will be handed out to who and how often depends on how much  monies each candidate takes.It all comes down to money.

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Knives will come out tonite


Tonite will be a war of words in  as the three lower candidates will try to take out the front runner. The one with the very most to lose is Rubio, For Rubio, this is his home state and a do or die for this candidate.Look for a lot of fire and brimstone aimed at Trump.


If Rubio should lose this state and by the latest polls, he will by almost 20%, it’s all over for him.Even if he won I don’t think it will matter much in the following states, he would have to win 60% of the votes and let’s not kid ourselves that not going to happen; Rubio needs to drop out of the race


Kasich will also be holding his last stand before his home state comes into play


I like Kasich as I said many times in this blog, In another occasion I honestly believe he would have been an excellent candidate for the White House Much like Rubio he needs to win his home state when it comes around.Tonite I expect him to have a little more fire and once more take aim at Trump.Will it matter over all I don’t think so, Kasich has been running on the flat side of double digits and a lot of single digits.I think much like Rubio even if he wins his home state he will still lose. Kasich like Rubio needs to drop out.

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Cruz needs to come out hard tonite; I ‘m not talking beating up on Trump I’m talking about policies and plans he has for the USA If he come outs and only attacks, Trump.I believe he will come second in Florida and will drop behind Trump in the delegate count by almost/if not 200 delegates giving Trump an entirely clear path to the nod.


Trump the primary target at tonite debate! Trump will be hit from all sides; I believe his primary attacker will be none other than Rubio, after all, he has nothing to lose.I think Rubio will throw any and everything he can at Trump if nothing else trying to go out in a blaze of glory. Kasich will throw a few punches at Trump, but I don’t think he will be able to damage Trump much. Now when it comes to Cruz he could go with two scenarios, One would go full attack mode on Trump and join the others or the second option would be to join with Trump and take out Rubio and make him bleed badly in his home state and taking as many votes as Cruz can away from Rubio.This would not hurt Cruz he is running in third place in almost all polls; It would possibly make Rubio rethink his position and get out of the race. Kasich has already stated that if he should lose his home state he will drop out thus a two-man race which I believe we all want to see.


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Tonights vote

Would like to say gratz to Trump, Cruz and Kasich! Good job! in Mississippi and Michigan Trump came in first leading Cruz by about 10% and Kasich by about 10%, so it was a good race Now when it comes to Rubio, tonight didn’t help him at all finishing in a single digit percent in both Mississippi and Michigan. So far behind the third place that he might as well not be running!It’s time for Marco to drop, why if he lost Florida by tonite’s percent it would not look good for his reelection next time around in Florida.

Gratz to Cruz on Idaho excellent job! Trump came in second, and Rubio broke the double digit mark.


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Over the past few weeks, We have seen a flood of actors and some so-called stars come out for or against candidates. The truth be told these so called stars need to keep their name’s in the news no matter what! Some of the ones bashing this candidate or another have not been in a movie or television show in so long most young people in their  20s have no idea who they are and don;t want to know.The ones threating to leave the country in the real world probably would not be missed, As you can see I have not used one of their names in a way I feel sorry for them.


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