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Funny Thing

Funny thing happened on ABC and NBC the other day it seems both networks were trying to get the Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy to support Hillary Clinton’s prospective 2016 run, much as she did for Obama .Ms.Kennedy would not come out and give her nod, What Ms.Kennedy did was say was “she was looking forward to Hillary Clinton running and thought she’d make a great candidate“,In political speak this far from a ringing endorsement as much ABC, NBC and the Washington Post would like to spin it .Ms.Kennedy supported Obama over Clinton in his presidency run race as well for his second term, But has been very soft spoken about Hillary’s might be run and was barely goaded into making the statement abovecaroline kennedy





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I didn’t know


I didn’t know! For real that I now am living an alternative lifestyle” No I’m not gay or have more than one wife! but what I am is married and have four children. What did you say that’s it’s not “alternative lifestyle” well according to NBC’s Skyler Wilder it is !. Well, I may not be a David Wise, the freestyle skiing halfpipe gold medalist who this was said about But.

I would like to ask Skyler Wilder when being married became an “alternative lifestyle”.My understanding is that about 3/4 of the world’s population still believes in marriage in one form or the other. Which brings me to another question at NBC do any of the so-called reporters read any of the data they are handed before they blur it out on Live broadcast or social media. I’m thinking not.

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Shame on you New York Times

Shame on you New York Times! I’ve only been blogging for a little bit, but I know better than to try to hide a Lie with a lie and on Sunday of all days!The New York Times is trying to cover Obama’s that you can keep your insurance plan if you wanted to. The New York Times is now saying he misspoke that not what he was saying . Now I’m just a dumb old redneck, but I recall NBC and ABC News playing that over and over again as part of the plan to sell us on Obamacare. So if Mr.Obama misspoke then why didn’t he clear it up… Well, the one big reason I can think of is he said it.

the  new york times

The New York Times  wonders why they are going down the tubes this would be a perfect example



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Obama said

One-term proposition”: “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there are gonna be a one-term proposition,” President Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer in February 2009. He was talking about an economic recovery

Barack Obama

Well, sir why are you running again the economic recovery never came to pass we as a country after 31/2 years we are in deeper trouble now than we were then, care to explain!

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