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Over the past few weeks, We have seen a flood of actors and some so-called stars come out for or against candidates. The truth be told these so called stars need to keep their name’s in the news no matter what! Some of the ones bashing this candidate or another have not been in a movie or television show in so long most young people in their  20s have no idea who they are and don;t want to know.The ones threating to leave the country in the real world probably would not be missed, As you can see I have not used one of their names in a way I feel sorry for them.


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Pity Party

Jada-Pinkett-Smith-Will-Smith-Getty-640x480David-Oyelowo-GettyImages-640x480Snoop-Oscar-Rant-TMZ-640x480Michael-Moore-Getty-640x480Al-Sharpton-Spike-Lee-AP-640x480George-Clooney-Reuters-640x480 (1)

Look who’s showing up for an oh poor me pity party.Here’s a big secret for all the guests make good movies, and you might be up for an Academy Award make crap for movies them complain Oh I didn’t get one is not only childish but makes you look like a total asshat.I have never seen a movie “Oh I don’t like this just because the actor or other people or black or any other race,”IF” its a good movie I go if not I don’t.What do you all want an award for recognition for mediocre piss movies or Maybe the Academy could just present everyone with an “I participated” Oscar…it’s a win, win…sarc, grow the hell up!Get off the pity party bus and make good movies.


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RIP Mr Robin Williams

Robin Williams

RIP. (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

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It Did My Heart Good

Oprah Winfrey

It did my heart good to see that Oprah Winfrey got a total stub at the 86th annual Academy Awards for her part in the “Lee Daniels The Butler” The woman can’t act! The only thing Oprah is good at and I say this with the utmost disrespect that I can muster is shoot her mouth off on things she has no idea about She like most far left folks in Hollywood and DC live in a bubble and have no idea what the real world is like for the rest of us.

Oprah Winfrey is for the all about “I!” the only way she got so poplar on her tv show was all the bribes I mean gifts she gave out.

What Oprah is for

.Big Government

.Higher tax’s

More welfare

Less Freedom ( unless it’s her and her leftist buddy’s )

Gun control ( only criminals should have guns )

Race baiting ( much like her good friend Jesse Jackson )

Have I said how much I dislike this woman! I think this about covers it.

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Looking back at 2013

Looking back on 2013  was it a great year no it was not, a bad year no I would class it as an in between year

The big story of the year was the rollout of the Obamacare website


and it’s total failure to run, It was totally unusable for more than two weeks.Then the first fix they tried was to tell people just to do the paper forms which did not work as well then Obama had to come out and admit he lied to the public about you could keep your Doctor if you wanted to! Which   was a total embarrassment to both Obama and the Democrat party

The Story next would be the Spying. Edward Snowden a former member of the NSA let loose a flood of information on the NSA collecting Phone records of people in the US not some of us but all of us


Which started a firestorm.Obama had and still has both sides coming at him over this. No one is happy to hear about this No matter how the mainstream press tried to spin it and to this day there are still some very angry people on both sides.

The year-end in Entertainment News.The big story being “’Duck Dynasty’ It seems the A&E were trying to cut off their own nose to spite their own face when it came to this one.


It seems that one of the stars of Duck Dynasty (Phil Robertson ) in a interview with GQ magazine let his feeling and what the Bible say about homosexuality out ” that it was a sin”and the folks over at GLAAD took offence and made a big stink to A&E about it , So A&E put Phil Robertson on suspension this backlashes on A&E big time leading to millions of people boycotting A&E on all social media, even gay people thought A&E went way overboard on this . In the end, the public won and Phil Robertson  is back

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Stand With Phil Robertson

It’s important to provide some clarification about Zynga. Multiple members of our FB community say they’ve seen it. Outside of those first hand reports, we have no word from the company or any media source to confirm it.Until we are 100% certain that Zynga is rewriting their game to exclude Phil we shouldn’t call for an all out boycott. That said, if we do find proof (or better confirm the suspicions) we should definitely make it hurt for their company.

Here’s a few ways you can try to contact Zynga.

FB Page:
Phone: 855-449-9642
Web Contact:
FB Support:
Email (only one we have):

Phil Robertson

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Not a Fan of Alec Baldwin But!!!

Alec Baldwin

I’m not a fan of Alec Baldwin!! Reports are that MSNBC has fired him! Which to me in one way is all good and fine I did not care for the man’s politics in the first place.Then I got to thinking what did he do to lose his job… Well, it seems that he lost his temper and call a photographer some nasty names something to do with them being gay.So to sum it up the left leaning MSNBC fired a left-leaning actor over insulting 3% of the population of the US But keeps a guy “Martin Bashir ” who thinks its ok to defecate and urinate in a woman’s mouth .Mr.Bashir only said this about one woman true but like many I think if he will  say this about one woman one wonders what the man may think or do to other women and if one looks at it this way then Mr. Bashir has insulted about 60% of the population of the US and yet MSNBC has said nothing at all.So who’s sin is greater I would say both> I hope that Mr. Baldwin lawyer is looking into this. Like I said not a fan of Alec Baldwin but of the two I dislike MSNBC a lot more than I do him

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