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Must be nice

Must be nice to have enough dirt on the Obama administration to set in front of Congress tell a bare faced lie! And they have The Department of Justice drop the case. That is exactly what happened a day or so ago to former IRS employee Lois Lerner.Lois Lerner

I can almost imagine the back room conversation (Lois Lerner) “If I go down Mr. Obama I’m going to take a few people with me !” and so ….on and so on. President Barack Obama’s Justice Department will never follow up. Is it fair no but with the way Obama’s running the government it’s to be expected

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Another behead American,Steven Sotloff


Steven Soloff the second American journalists to beheaded by ISIS. And what did Obama do this time not much .. well as far as I know he did not play a round of golf like he did the last time this happened! But what did Mr.Obama do! Not a hell of a lot he made a few statements got his mug on TV that’s about it. Today (Wednesday the 9th of September)on the day before NATO summit meeting in Wales he comes out with this “. “Our objective is clear, and that is: degrade and destroy ISIS so that it’s no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also to the region and the United States,”  For real! That’s the best he can come up with. Mr Obama what you should have said is we are at war with ISIS. We will hunt down and kill any and all members of  ISIS and any country or state that we find supporting them we will bomb back to the stone age. Any and all  ISIS members we capture we will execute no matter what nationality you are.But he won’t!  NATO Like most here in the USA can’t wait for him to leave the oval office.

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‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islamic State

Obama wussy suit

For real! He said ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islāmic State.”Why don’t you come out say this Mr.Obama ” run wild kill all the people you want to, rape all the young girls you can find. I’m not going to send troops in to stop you or slow you down.” Once in my lifetime I am truly a shame of the person we have in the oval office. What a wussy we have leading this country the only thing he wants to do in this last two and half years is set on his ass and do nothing or play golf. To tell you the truth I would rather have Joe Biden in the oval office than the clown we have in there now.

To top it all, he makes this statement as leader of the USA in a wussy suit for the office he holds.  According to all the experts interviewed, it’s hard for a male executive to be taken seriously in a Beige suit.Any time on the job, when you don’t want to stand out Beige, is the best. Obama’s words and his dress said one thing to Islamist militants in Syria  I don’t give a flying F@@@ do what you want I won’t stop you.

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Obama ask Us to Trust Him

Barack-Obama- butthead

Obama ask us to trust him about the NSA for real! and he had the nerve to say this “The men and women of the intelligence community, including the NSA, consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people.”Please! if it had not been for Edward Snowden a former member of the NSA we the people would have never known about the data that the NSA was and still is collecting on all of us.Then we have the big lie if you like your Doctor your can keep him. and last but not by the least the new report on 2012 Benghazi attacks that shows you!! Mr Obama and then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton knew within minutes that it was a terrorist attack, but you still let Rice come out to the morning shows and lie about it. So why on God’s green earth should I or the country take your word Mr. Obama for anything.

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Susan Rice!! New National Security Adviser

Susan Rice new National Security Adviser, The same woman who went on talk shows for a week and lied to the good people of this country. What is Mr Obama thinking! I think this is what he is doing he’s saying take this and stick up your butt! I can and will do whatever I want to do in this last term and there is nothing you can do about.


I will be so glad to see this total asshole out of office. Mr Obama and his crew have damaged the USA so badly that it will take decades to get back to being a great place to live and work.

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I’m thinking Bill has not forgiven


I’m thinking Bill has not forgiven Obama for the defeat of his wife in the last presidential election. Yes Obama did make Hillary Secretary of State to try to smooth things over, but, not for certain that it did any good.example would be the latest little dig that former president Clinton made by saying that Mitt Romney was qualified to be the President of the United States and his business success at investment capital. To quote Mr. Clinton “this is good work…there is no question that the man has been a governor and has a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.” but in my humble opinion little digs like this, especially in a very close political atmosphere, could cause a lot of damage to Mr. Obama. This is why I think we will see more of this out of the Clintons and their backers as this race and election come closer.

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Promises Obama has Kept

It’s been 3 1/2 years since Obama took office lets take a tally on promises made and kept

Well yes  on this one what Obama did was give the EPA so much power that they have basely stop or slowed down the production of coal and oil.
Obama said gas prices must go up

Once more Mr.Obama kept his promise.When Obama went into office gas prices in my area were about $2.54gal now they are now about $4.54 gal double in 31/2 yrs Mr.Obama try to put blame on the oil company’s but in my humble opinion Mr.Obama gave them permission  listens to what he said in the clip
and once Obama was president they took him for his word and started raising prices.So yes I do put the blame on him.

another link about gas prices


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