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Stand With Phil Robertson

It’s important to provide some clarification about Zynga. Multiple members of our FB community say they’ve seen it. Outside of those first hand reports, we have no word from the company or any media source to confirm it.Until we are 100% certain that Zynga is rewriting their game to exclude Phil we shouldn’t call for an all out boycott. That said, if we do find proof (or better confirm the suspicions) we should definitely make it hurt for their company.

Here’s a few ways you can try to contact Zynga.

FB Page:
Phone: 855-449-9642
Web Contact:
FB Support:
Email (only one we have):

Phil Robertson

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A few tools for you folks who want to slow down the NSA peeking

A few tools for you folks who want to slow down the NSA peeking


Here are some of our favorite tools that you can try:

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Sonic
Wireless provider: Cricket
Encrypt an email account you already have: Thunderbird with Enigmail; Mac Mail with GPGTools; Outlook with GPG4Win
Private email clients: UnspyableCountermail, or Shazzle
Search engines: Ixquick and DuckDuckGo
Mobile calls: RedPhoneSilent Circle
Android proxy: Orbot
iOS proxy: FoxyProxy (configure it as a proxy, not a VPN)
Mobile photos: ObscuraCam
Text messaging: TextSecure
Online tracker blocking:  DNTMe
Web-based chatting: Adium with OTR, Cryptocat
Mobile chatting: Gibberbot (Android), ChatSecure (iOS)Virtual private networks (VPNs): iVPNPrivate Wifi
Hard drive encryption: TrueCrypt
Web browser: Tor Browser (and Mozilla’s Firefox is the best major browser on privacy)
Mobile browser: Onion Browser (iOS), Orweb (Android)

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Yet another solar panel factory failure


Yet another solar panel factory failure. It seems that SoloPower is slowly circling the drain and on its way out they can call it “restructures operations” all they want but when their top Chief Technology Officer Mustafa Pinarbasi hitting the road and accepting a similar role at another California startup it’s not a good sign.Then we have Craig Cornelius, a managing director for SoloPower’s key private investor, New Jersey-based Hudson Clean Energy Partners, also resigned recently it looks to me like all the fat rats or getting out-of-town.

The sad part of this is The company, which state business recruiters won over in 2011, already has received a $10 million state energy loan backed in part by Portland funding and a $20 million manufacturing Business Energy Tax Credit that will pay $13.5 million in cash. The company is ultimately in line to benefit from nearly $58 million in state and local incentives, including tax breaks, a tax credit and loans will this pull it back , I don’t think so if its past is any kind of sign, The first line of product was supposed to slated for completion in April 2012. But missed goals forced executives to renegotiate a $197 million federal loan guarantee in January, The Oregonian reported earlier this month so I think this company will fail I could be wrong we will see.


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Possible Layoff or Worse at Nanosolar

It sounds like another solar company may be on its way out. An anonymous caller to the San Jose Mercury News said Monday that Nanosolar laid off 75 percent of its workforce Friday.As of yet no one has been able to confirm this, all we have is Susan Lehman, a public relations for the company wrote this “Nanosolar did experience a workforce reduction last week, At this time, the company is in a quiet period and will not be issuing any formal statements.”Now, folks, I hate to beat a maybe dead horse but a statement like that is something I would expect out of a grade school teacher, not a solar power company.As far I can find there are no government grants/loans to Nanosolar but I’m still checking that out. But there are some big hitters that have invested into Nanosolar that may be taking a hit Investors included Mohr Davidow Ventures, OhanaHoldings LLC and Arsenal Venture Partners,input 70 million into the company in June of 2012.

The sad truth is back in Feb of 2012 Nanosolar was considered a long shot as a start-up. A report released last Jan of 2012 by Lux Research said as much. I will update this as I find out more



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Harry running into trouble

IT SEEMS harry Reid may be running into a little push back on a part of Obama care.The medical device tax which is 2.3 % excise tax. This tax will hit hip replacement to the tampons, Now most would assume that it would be the Republicans but you would be wrong ! It is a group of 18 Democrat senators!!. Now before you get to thinking that they are trying to protect you and I think again most if not all have campaign ties to medical device who have donate to the senator’s campaign or one of the super pack that supported the election of said senator. the names of some of the

Indiana Senator-elect Joe Donnelly

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator John Kerry

All have large numbers of medical device companies in their states

Medical device Lobby has already spent more than $ 32 million to try to stop this tax.General Electric spent $5.7 million that quarter to lead all medical device lobbyists.

Now when the Republicans tried to repeal this part of Obama care Harry Reid said it was just a Republican attack on Obamacare wonder what harry going to say now!obamacare-logo_full

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Kaiser Permanente Blames ObamaCare for Lay-offs

Kaiser Permanente has laid off 530 employees and puts the blame on ObamaCare. Kaiser officials said they have undertaken a series of layoffs to ensure they meet possible changes that could occur with the implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which aims to make sure every American has health care coverage.Now one would think with everyone getting health care coverage medical centers and hospitals would be hiring more staff not laying them off.

With Kaiser Permanente laying off staff, will this mean longer waiting times for care and overall less care for family’s, longer waits for a test, x-rays and surgery’s you bet it will.Is this a trend we will see in other medical centers following suit I believe so

Kaiser Permanente

United Steel Workers Local 7600 President Roy Wiles “I’ve done this a long time. I don’t think it’s ever easy,””It’s very difficult for all the employees.”except for him (Roy Wiles)like he said he’s been doing this for a long time sitting at his desk calling the rank and files and saying sorry you don’t have a job anymore but thinking lucky me I get to keep mine! So you all have some good holidays looking for work.



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