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Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving  to one and all


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Not a Fan of Alec Baldwin But!!!

Alec Baldwin

I’m not a fan of Alec Baldwin!! Reports are that MSNBC has fired him! Which to me in one way is all good and fine I did not care for the man’s politics in the first place.Then I got to thinking what did he do to lose his job… Well, it seems that he lost his temper and call a photographer some nasty names something to do with them being gay.So to sum it up the left leaning MSNBC fired a left-leaning actor over insulting 3% of the population of the US But keeps a guy “Martin Bashir ” who thinks its ok to defecate and urinate in a woman’s mouth .Mr.Bashir only said this about one woman true but like many I think if he will  say this about one woman one wonders what the man may think or do to other women and if one looks at it this way then Mr. Bashir has insulted about 60% of the population of the US and yet MSNBC has said nothing at all.So who’s sin is greater I would say both> I hope that Mr. Baldwin lawyer is looking into this. Like I said not a fan of Alec Baldwin but of the two I dislike MSNBC a lot more than I do him

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You know its bad when CNN

You know it’s bad when CNN can’t get Democrats, They won’t come onto a channel that gives them cover to talk about most things.CNN can’t get any Democrats to come on their show and defend Obamacare and its rollout.CNN is saying that they have “Republicans are tripping over themselves to come out and talk.”What going on here I recall  more than  one Democrat saying we will find out what in the law after we pass it Nancy Pelosi being the Biggest one, So where are you Ms.Pelois hiding behind your desk and a wall of staff. Why don’t you come out one more time and tell us why we should pass anything that you are the rest of your party don’t bother to read , Ms.Pelois  why are you a no-show on CNN defending this law that you were 100% behind before you passed it  without reading it


I can hazard a guess You know as well as the rest of Democrats that Obamacare is toxic it’s a ticking time bomb and you and the rest of the rats in D,C are trying to get as much distance as you can. I could be wrong but when the worst part comes in 2014 with any luck the folks in southern California will come out of the stupor they have been in for the last decade are so and kick your and Ms.Boxer butts out of office

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Senator try’s to hide his statement about Obamacare

Senator try’s to hide his statement about Obamacare. It seems like Sen.Mark Warner(D-VA) would like voters in the upcoming election to forget about what he said there is even you tube video with him saying it.But the good Senator or one of his staff made it so we can’t be embedded on blogs or news sites But the good folks over at managed to get the video

What did Sen.Mark Warner(D-VA)say why the same thing Mr Obama said “if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance,” now it seems  Sen.Mark Warner(D-VA) want you and I to forget that statement. I  think what the good Senator is forgetting is what we tell our kids all the time don’t post things on the web or Youtube you don’t want to came back to you one day.


Not to leave Sen.Mark Warner(D-VA) alone here is a list of others


So when you go to the polls this year keep them in mind

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Happy Birthday Marines! Semper Fidelis


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Just a tiny word cam mean so much “IF”


Just a tiny word cam mean so much “IF”.If I had done more, If I had done less.If I had just told the truth and If I didn’t have my head in the sand I would have seen this coming Oh and One more Mr Obama said in the last hour about Obamacare. It went from you can keep your healthcare and doctor to a big fat “IF”Now its if this or if that and here a note for all you young and up and coming workers the way it looking for Obamacare its will be no longer “IF” you choose to enroll in Obamacare or paid a fine its looking more like “you will buy Obamacare” you will pay higher cost as well and you will like it.So if you voted for Obama as Jeff Foxworthy would say “here’s your sign” and if you don’t get the joke look it up.

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Shame on you New York Times

Shame on you New York Times! I’ve only been blogging for a little bit, but I know better than to try to hide a Lie with a lie and on Sunday of all days!The New York Times is trying to cover Obama’s that you can keep your insurance plan if you wanted to. The New York Times is now saying he misspoke that not what he was saying . Now I’m just a dumb old redneck, but I recall NBC and ABC News playing that over and over again as part of the plan to sell us on Obamacare. So if Mr.Obama misspoke then why didn’t he clear it up… Well, the one big reason I can think of is he said it.

the  new york times

The New York Times  wonders why they are going down the tubes this would be a perfect example



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