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If I were U.S Government Employee I Might Worry

If I were a U.S government employee I might worry just a little bit, I’m not talking about the big wigs in Washington D.C who have more money than they know what do with I’m talking about the rank and file workers the ones who do the grunt work.Did you all know that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has begun borrowing from the federal employee pension fund? Geithner is using it to keep the government going without passing the debt limit. Now Mr.Geithner says he will repay it when the debt limit is raised.Mr.Geithner state that other treasury secretary’s have done this which is true, But what Mr.Geithner left out that this is the second time in two years that this has been here’s the twist back in Sept. 2012 the U.S Post Office U.S. Postal Service had warned that it could default if it is not given relief from its funding obligation to federal employee pension fund and we see where the post office is today. FERS is also suffering from rising costs, which are becoming burdensome. So in my opinion this is a fools game Mr.Geithner is playing with other people’s money and we all know it much easier to spend someone’s else’s money> So yeah I might be a little worried if I worked for the governmenttimothy geithner

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