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Winners and loser’s tonight

For me, there were three people who very much impressed me tonight, The one I felt did the best overall job tonite was John Kasich surprise!


I think he did very well for himself tonite made some excellent points and may be the overall winner, he may move up in the polls, will he wins any states only time will tell.

Trump was a lot calmer than usual and did very well even though he was very much a target.But overall he did very well, Second,


Ted Cruz did well as wellI would say that he is sharing second did very well.

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The Loser of the night was Rubio; He somehow keeps his senseless little boy act compared to the rest of the candidates you could tell he was very much out of his league and grasping for any straw he could get his tiny hands on, Going out on a limb here I’m betting he will lose Florida by 25%


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Ohio Gov. John Kasich

John Kasich

Ok, I will admit it  John Kasich caught me off guard!I Had written him off long ago and ask why he was still in the race? Then he ups his game and grabs second place in the New Hampshire Primary; my hat off to you good sir!

How I had seen the race was Trump, Cruz, Rubio and maybe Chris Christie.I would have never guessed it would be John Kasich right behind Trump and Rubio coming in behind Bush total mind blown, Now some are saying that John Kasich has no place to go for real? people! I had totally written the man off.This election cycle is not like any I have ever seen, and I think it will continue to surprise us it is one of the reasons I have not hooked myself to anyone candidate it is way to wild this time around, and it’s happening in both party who would have  guessed a no-name Senator could beat Hilary by 21% points  in the    New Hampshire Primary, not I.going to be a good long fight lot of fun.

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The Debates and the Fates

I watched the first debates of the season on Fox News like most folks thought it could have had more fire, but it was ok! There were some winners and losers.
The winners were in no order Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Donald Trump.I also think we will see Carly Fiorina moving to the primary debates, not the kiddie table

Chris Christie  Marco Rubio  John Kasich cfiorina-bio


I think the biggest loser was by far Jeb Bush.Jeb seemed far more uncomfortable than the rest.Jeb kept moving around and mumbling.Did he forget to stop to go to the bathroom and empty his bladder on the way in, one wonder’s

Jeb Bush

That’s my take on it folks let hope for a little bit more fire next time

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