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It seems CNN & New York Times

It seems CNN & New York Times have had their poor little feeling butthurt!On Friday Trumps White House put them in the back row in the  Rose Garden during Trump’s press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.They had a hissy fit on Twitter

CNN was placed away from the other TV networks in the equivalent of Siberia (no pun intended) at today’s news conference.

  Poor baby! Jim pull up you big boy underwear and live with it!
Then (lol) Jim tried to reassure himself with this (lol)

Of course, this may just be an oversight by WH staff. But it could also be seen as retaliation for our coverage. I have emailed @PressSec 

No, Jim, I don’t think it was an oversight! I think if you do Fake News then you should be put in the back row and just look you’re not by yourself the other fake news outlet is there to keep you company yes we are talking about the New York Times hope you all like it back there.

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People I would like the Knockout Game to Happen to

People  I  would like the Knockout Game to Happen to and maybe it would wake them up to real life

Kanye West. singer who needs it more then most

Miley Cyrus.singer , for thinking she has to be a slut on stage to make it

Piers Morgan. CNN newscaster,who believes hes right no matter the facts

Martin Bashir  Former MSNBC newscaster on he take on Sarah Palin

Chris Matthews  MSNBC I would say newscaster but that would bring shame on real newscasters

Jesse Jacksoncivil rights activist better known as a race baiter

Al Sharptoncivil rights activist better known as a race baiter

House and Senate members  . For thinking about themselves more then the people

Obama .For thinking about Himself more then the people

David Simon . HBO producer and socialist

Mayor Michael Bloomberg  socialist to all but himself.  Mayor of New York City

Kathleen Sebelius   Health and Human Services Secretary

John Boehner ,Speaker of the House

I know that this is not all of them and i will update this post

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You know its bad when CNN

You know it’s bad when CNN can’t get Democrats, They won’t come onto a channel that gives them cover to talk about most things.CNN can’t get any Democrats to come on their show and defend Obamacare and its rollout.CNN is saying that they have “Republicans are tripping over themselves to come out and talk.”What going on here I recall  more than  one Democrat saying we will find out what in the law after we pass it Nancy Pelosi being the Biggest one, So where are you Ms.Pelois hiding behind your desk and a wall of staff. Why don’t you come out one more time and tell us why we should pass anything that you are the rest of your party don’t bother to read , Ms.Pelois  why are you a no-show on CNN defending this law that you were 100% behind before you passed it  without reading it


I can hazard a guess You know as well as the rest of Democrats that Obamacare is toxic it’s a ticking time bomb and you and the rest of the rats in D,C are trying to get as much distance as you can. I could be wrong but when the worst part comes in 2014 with any luck the folks in southern California will come out of the stupor they have been in for the last decade are so and kick your and Ms.Boxer butts out of office

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