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The Moderators

Most blogs today will be talking about the debaters.I would like to go back and take a look at the three moderators and give them each a grade of A to F.So let us get to it

Jim Lehrer of PBS his politics would necessarily be Liberal look who the man works for PBS who suck in millions of taxpayer dollars.So I was thinking well he will be supporting Obama and helping him out though this debate but to my surprise Mr.Lehrer was somewhat fair, Mr.Lehrer did help Obama a little, but, all in all, did well I would give him a grade of C

Candy Crowley of CNN is about as Liberal as you can get and in past debates could not keep her opinion out of them I waited to see if Ms.Crowley would do the same with this debate. Surprise, Surprise she was not able to control herself.Ms.Crowley had her nose so far up Obama’s ass I worried she might not be able to take a breath.In some points in the debate not only was Romney debating Obama but Ms.Crowley as well, I will give her a grade F

Bob Schieffer of CBS news is also a self-proclaimed Liberal but over the years he has tried to keep his politics to himself. I expected good thing out of him as a moderator and I was not disappointed out of the three Mr.Schieffer was the best He ask the questions and let the debaters go at it and stayed out of it himself , he was respectful to both men,the only probably I did see was that he gave Obama a little more time other than that he did a perfect job ,I give him the grade of A. maybe it’s his age or how long he’s been on the job. Ms.Crowley needs to watch the tape over and over again to see how it should be done.

All in all, I think the debates were very good.I think that Mr.Romney won the first and the other two were ties not helping or hurting either man

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