WikiLeaks fun

30 Jul

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Going thru the Wikileaks dump ran across this I know it’s old news but I still find it interesting just how the Democrats have no problem even telling each other a barefaced lie

”  Andy – I want to share something with you that is probably going to make you angry, but then I am going to give you an opportunity to do something about it. For months, you’ve heard the Clinton campaign endlessly repeat in interviews and on social media that they have raised millions and millions of dollars for state parties through something called the “Hillary Victory Fund.” They’ve even used it as an attack line to insinuate Bernie wasn’t willing to help down-ballot Democrats. Well, yesterday morning, thanks to a Politico investigation, we found out that less than 1 percent of the $61 million raised by the Victory Fund has stayed in state party coffers. And indeed, the majority of the money spent by the Victory Fund has gone to benefit Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign against us. The piece said some state party fundraisers believe they are basically acting as “money laundering conduits.”( source: /  )

So in their own words, they are acting as “money laundering conduits.” for the  Clinton campaign. So multiple state parties got about 6 million to share among themselves and the lion’s share went to Clinton campaign which comes out to about 55 million sounds fair right? Lol, One wonders just where that money went? to buy what or who? It seems if it has the  Clinton name attached to any money it either comes up missing or the money allotment seems to overwhelmingly fall in the favor of the Clinton  name as in this case. No wonder Poor Old Bernie didn’t know what hit him.

If they are this dishonest within their own party how do you think they will treat the rest of us?

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