Hillary Clinton gave a “voluntary interview”

02 Jul


Anyone but me find it interesting that Hillary gave her “voluntary interview” to the FBI on the start of a 3 day weekend?Where most people will be heading out to the lake or beach for BBQs and not watching the news.Seems to be a little bit of a coincident to me,By Tuesday when folks will be back from the three day holiday the news cycle will be on to something new and this will be long forgotten.Coincident I think not this was all planned out so that at most Hillary would take a very small hit.Was it a good political move hell yes! it was.Was it your politics as usual once more yes it was.But this coincident was not the only one to happen just days before  Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch just happened to be at the same airport in Arizona and had a meeting on  Attorney General Loretta Lynch airplane another coincident, well that is what all the main stream media would like you and I to believe.I can believe one coincident but two not so much.





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Posted by on July 2, 2016 in politics


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