Is it a Two Man Race

06 Mar

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It’s looking like it more and more as each Primary and Caucus passes.The last four were split between Cruz and Trump.Trump did come out with a few more votes than Cruz, but Cruz is closing the gap, So it is up to each one to make a good showing when it comes to the winner take all states I wish them both luck I would have no problem with one or the other being in the White House or on the same ticket.

Let’s talk about the two I see with no path for them to the White House                                                           Governor_John_Kasichth

Rubio and Kasich, Kasich has already stated if he did not win his home state he would drop out of the race and support whoever gets the nod.I like Kasich very much and in another time he would have been an excellent president, but now is not the time I can see him holding a post for whoever is the next Republican President.Now let’s talk about Rubio he has said in the last couple of days if he did not win his state he would stay in!Why is the question here.There is no possibility of him getting the votes for him to catch up with the two front runners.The only thing I can see him hoping for is a Brokered Convention Which if happened and not one of the top two did not get it would be chaos and would be held as a slap in the face to the typical voter and most likely destroy any and all trust in the  Republican Party as a whole and give Hilary a clear path to just walk into the White House.Do we want this No we don’t Rubio needs to do the right thing and bow out now.

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