New Hampshire primaries who will who won’t

08 Feb

new-hampshire-primary (1)

New Hampshire primaries who will, who won’t that will be the big question.Will Marco Rubio hang on to second, take Trumps place as number one or fall like a stone.Can Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or John Kasich kick Rubio out of second and maybe challenge Trump or we in for a surprise from Chris Christie, who had a great time knocking Rubio around.Dr.Ben Carson if he has a bad showing here as much as I like the man I think it may be time for him to step aside; I know he says he is in it for the long run, but there is a time and a place I hope the Doctor does well.

A personal note here a lot of my friends on different social media want to know why I don’t support one candidate or another. The truth is I believe it is much too early to lock into one candidate, but that’s just me. There is one candidate who I am not fond of, and that is Jeb Bush. But if he manages to get the nod I will support him.I won’t do as some have said of Trump if he gets the nod I won’t vote, or I will vote for a third party! In my opinion, that is purely asinine.Do you really want Hilary to win or worse yet Bernie Sander.



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Posted by on February 8, 2016 in politics


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