Will Hilary be indicted

29 Jan




Going on the web and news outlet is the rumor that the F.B.I is about to indicted Hilary.I for one doubt this is going to happen! Why may you ask? For a couple of reasons.One I don’t believe that Obama will let it happen it’s his last year in office why should he care.It’s not going to hurt him any more than he’s hurt himself already. Two I honestly believe that Bill and Hilary took a page out of J. Edgar Hoover playbook, get as much information good or bad on friend or foe as you can and use it to your advantage to move ahead or in bills and Hilary’s case to cover your butt.Don’t get me wrong both sides do this the difference is that Bill and Hilary have turned it into an art form. I think through the Clinton Foundation they have done this worldwide and so when I see things like “F.B.I is about to indicted Hilary ” all I can say is yes I would like it to happen, yes she needs it to happen but till I see her in the courtroom I’m not going to take it to heart.


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Posted by on January 29, 2016 in politics


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