Is Huckabee ?

28 Jan


Is Huckabee sending a signal to his supporters that if he fail’s in Iowa that they should start looking at Trump, it would seem that this may be the case?As of today, Huckabee is the only other candidate so far to say that he will be attending Trump’s pro-veterans event on Thursday at the same time as Fox News’s prime-time presidential debate.

Huckabee “if” he should drop out of the race after the next two Caucus’s and should back Trump this might pull his religious followers to Trump, which would be a big win for Trump.But then Huckabee could be using this to get more air time and up his standing in the polls and bring him back to the main stage in the next Debate. Huckabee may be playing a long game only time will tell

Update It looks like  Rick Santorum will also be attending as well

“The decision by both candidates to stand by Trump despite criticism from other candidates could be seen by supporters as a signal to support Trump.” The Hill Reporting


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