Is George Soros betting on a Republican President

19 Aug

Is George Soros betting on a Republican President?It might be it seems the Sorosis investing major monies into coal. Yes, coal a man who for the last eight years has been funding groups with millions of dollars to fight the production and use of coal for power.According to Fox News, Soros purchased one million shares in the St. Louis-based coal company Peabody Energy and another 500,000 shares in Arch Coal, two investments that would have cost him a lot more money just a few years ago.So why the sudden change of heart

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Here is my speculation: Soros and his investment company are looking over the political field of the upcoming presidential race and have come to this conclusion.That Hilary is damaged goods, and it sounds like it’s going to get worse, but if Hilary comes out of this and somehow wins then Soros may make a significant donation to the Clinton Foundation to smooth things over.I don’t think Soros is worried about Sanders winning at all, But if a Republican President comes into office!Soros is betting that Republican President will slap the EPA hard over coal for two reasons jobs and cheaper power for the nation.So in his mind a  Republican President is a win.

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Posted by on August 19, 2015 in politics


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