Is Vice President Joe Biden in

02 Aug


Is Vice President Joe Biden in or out for the race for the White House only time will tell.Rumor is going around that Hillary Clinton is vulnerable and may not have a chance to win the White House.If true and the Democratic Party pulls its support the next person with any chance might be Joe Biden.The problem with Joe is that he is a walking talking gaffe machine.I think he’s made more errors in the press them the last four Vice Presidents alive. the Left is now trying to say it’s part of his political charm.Charm No! Fool have one or two gaffes is charm more than ten is fools path.
Could he beat out Hillary Clinton? I think so it would not take a lot to do
His first nail in her coffin would be so simple talk to the press, be open to them give real interviews.The next would talk to real people not arrange/stage something as Clinton has done, and he has her beat.Do I think Joe Biden could win the White House? I hope not, but it would be entertaining to watch the gaffes fly if/when he gets into the race for the White House.

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