Donald Trump will he be the trump card?

02 Aug


In the upcoming debates, my question is will the other candidates be trying to make their points or will they be trying to take Trump down.Trump is in a commanding double-digit lead in most polls.Which puts an enormous target on his back and I think one or two of the other candidates may/will take pot shots.I believe the two who will “if” they make the primetime debate will be Rick Perry and Chris Christie

Chris Christie  Rick Perry

This could work in their favor, but it could very well backfire on them as well. If Christie and Trump get into a battle, it could turn out to be a brawl the likes we have not seen in a debate forever.Rick Perry’s attack will be a more even well thought out attack and might put Trump on the ropes for a few moments.Perry’s problem as I see it is he needs to put a little more fire into the campaign, or he may fall behind.The danger of focusing on Trump is/will be that it will bring him more into the public eye and most people already see him somewhat of an underdog, beating up on an underdog is never a good idea.

What is driving Trump’s poll numbers is simple he says what most/all of us have thought one time or another in the last six-half years.Trump is brash and tells the truth as he sees it.A trait that has long been missing from most folks running for any office.Maybe if a few more candidates give this kind of a thing, Ago they might see their numbers in the polls get an uptick.

I look forward to the upcoming primetime debate maybe if we’re lucky we will see a few breakout candidates, here’s hoping


As of today poll Christie and Perry or in a tie for the 10th spot with 3 days to go they had better get to work

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