19 Jul

Well a couple of days ago Donald Trump may well have ended his presidential hopes when he said Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain was no war hero, But there is a bit more to the story than this.It seems Trump and McCain have been in a little feud ever since Trump started talking about immigration and McCain call people that attended a Trump immigration rally “crazies.”

Let me stop and make a disclaimer here I am not a fan of Donald Trump.

Do I agree with Trump that Arizona Sen. John McCain is not a war hero No I don’t? I think any man or woman that puts on the uniform and serves our country is a hero. The Ones that were/are in combat are war hero’s, with that said I believe That McCain was very wrong to call people “crazies.” when it comes to illegal immigration.If McCain can’t see the problems that are occurring in our border states then maybe it is time an Old war hero steps down and lets someone take his spot on the line to help us stop the flow of illegal immigration that is overtaking the U.S. Donald Trump may not be my pick for president but what he is saying has a ring of truth to it and a lot of folks are starting to listen.

Another misstep by Obama

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