Hillary’s running for president ad was a little lackluster

13 Apr

Hillary’s running for president ad. I must say was a good ad.But to use it to start a presidential campaign was a little lackluster in my opinion.To me, this is something you would run after a major campaign announcement, not as your campaign report.To the ad itself they are trying to show Hillary as a warm kind person to all, and they almost pulled it off! Except for one part, it was almost flawless the coffee shop moment! Watch her face you can tell she is forcing herself to be nice.You can see the cold woman she is just for a split moment and that I believe will be Hillary’s and her team’s biggest problem.


Let’s face it you do not play in politics for over two decades being a beautiful person and have the kind of power the Clinton’s have. Unlike her husband Bill, Hillary struggles to be outgoing and most think of her as a cold fish, and I believe this to be true except for maybe her family.

Now to be a little petty I don’t know who is the makeup artist for Hillary is but one hell of a job you did on her.I don’t know what they are paying him/her but its worth the money

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