A Perception Problem

21 Mar

In this age of photoshopping the perception we have of a person may or may not be real. When we see a person picture on the news or in print, we have no idea how much or little the picture has been retouched or even if the image is current or 5 to 10 years old. The perception most college kids have Mrs Clinton is about 50 years old (she will be 70 next year). This is according to the most recent survey of the age group of 19 to 25-year old. Why is this? It’s the photo or photos of Mrs Clinton, most if not all have been retouched a bit.Also the news networks ( ABC, NBC and yes even Fox) add to this by using the best possible shot.Mrs Clinton, as well as other candidates, need to think about this  yes you may be able to control photos now but once you hit the campaign trail all bets are off you are out there face to face with the people and there is no hiding your crows feet are the rest of your age lines . Some young people may be in for a bit of a surprise the first time they meet their candidates.


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Posted by on March 21, 2015 in politics


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