Let the Race start

17 Nov

long_distance_runningI don’t know about you, but I feel we lost the White House the last election for one reason. That reason it took us so long to get to one candidate and the infighting took its toll as well. This time around let’s get to one candidate faster so we can all get behind him/her and push for the White House. I think all the folks that are planning on running need to come out in January no later than March. Let’s get this party started and anyone who tries to come in after March should be told by the Party no thank you we will not support you! This waiting till the last min crap has got to come to an end  

I think like most Americans I don’t want to hear trash talk about your opponent, I could care less about who you are they sleep with or send racy pics to. I want you to come out early and tell me the things that are important to you. Where you stand on human rights, taxes and jobs are you pro-military or not, or you pro-life or not, do you love the good old USA as much as I do. Will you try to be fair to all? This is what I want, and I’m sure that’s what most Americans want. We are tired of the double talk, tired of asking a question and not getting an answer. But the same old talking points no matter what the question is /was. Nothing makes me madder then watching an interview, and the guest totally keeps to the talking points no matter if it has anything to do with the question or not.  

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