Americans stupid, Don’t think so

12 Nov

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We regular Americans are not”stupid” but one thing most Americans do have is Common sense, Most of us don’t go around spouting off what we have done when there is someone filming us.But a lot of the so-called smart people do not have a lick of Common Sense their way to smart for that. MIT professor Jonathan Gruber is living proof of that.Now we know how Obama and the rest of those ever so intelligent Democrats feel about us the lowly American public.Now that MIT professor Jonathan Gruber got caught he is saying “I was speaking off the cuff, and I talked inappropriately. I regret making those comments,” Once more hoping we are as  “stupid” as he thinks we are.I find most “off the cuff” remarks hold more truth them most would like to admit. I do believe Mr.Gruber like Mr Obama think that we are all just “stupid” sheep they can lead around. But unlike so many Democrats who follow Obama blindly, Republicans and Conservatives have our eyes open and are not going to fall for this crap pile.

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