Are Polls a thing of the past?

07 Nov


Are polls and poll takers a thing of the past? For the last three elections, it seems to be leaning to that outcome. Pollsters have not gotten facts right. The Republicans, Democrats and Independent poll groups appear to be lost in the fog for the last few years why is that.In my opinion, it all adds up to about five things.

1.   Pollsters hear what they want to hear, a sampling of a 100 or 200 people is not giving an accurate picture.

2. What is thought as  Republicans or Democrats voter groups are not the best case examples? ” Black don’t always vote Democrat” so looking at an area that is mostly one race or another is not going to tell you much like it did 10 or 15 years ago.I think a lot of Pollsters are still stuck on this.

3. Social media, Facebook, Twitter and a few other if you make yourself known as a Republican or Democrat you are going to catch flax.Many folks just don’t want to put up with that kind of crap in their life

4. This one might sound silly to some, but voting at the home or in your polling place to most is a private thing. .at home you can go off in a room by oneself and vote and in a polling place once you step into the booth you can vote how you feel and not tell anyone.

5. I for one find it obscene to be stopped outside my polling place or getting a phone call asking who I voted for and to tell the truth most times if ask I lie.

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