Ebola Patient in New York City tests positive for Ebola

23 Oct

Breaking News: Patient in New York City tests positive for Ebola, reports say. Tune into Fox News for LIVE updates.

Update Press conference the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio when he first came out looked to me like he was about ready to crap his pants.   Governor of New York Andrew Mark Cuomo seemed to be doing a better job of hiding the fact he was worried. They start the meeting with the same song and dance you can only get Ebola with contact to bodily fluids that it is very hard to become infected.The Dr with Ebola did report himself as soon as he got a fever. The timeline for yesterday is as follows he hung out with four friends one is his girlfriend they went bowling taking the A and L train to and from the bowling ally. He told the hospital that he was feeling tired but had no fever till the next day.One other person is in the hospital beside himself, but so far that person is not showing any signs ( I am thinking it is his girlfriend but don’t know.) The CDC is sending a team to the hospital.

When a reporter asks if he was wearing a full protective suit when taking care of the Ebola patients in Africa. They seem to state that he was, which brings up this then how did he get it.

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One response to “Ebola Patient in New York City tests positive for Ebola

  1. Texas Ranger

    October 23, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    The good New York Doctor should have quarantined himself for 21 days!

    Thanks to Mr. Barrack Obama for freely issuing a U.S. Visa to, and welcoming Liberian Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan Ebola to the USA with open arms! And, for keeping the door wide open for other West Africans to come on over with Ebola!

    Remember, they can not legally enter the USA without a Visa!

    Mistakes Have been Made – Others Will Pay and Others Will Be Blamed!

    Urgent! Your Help Is Needed To Stop The Spread of Ebola! You, Your Family and Co-Workers are at extra Risk! Here’s What You Can Do – Listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro!

    Help Do Something – Sign the Petition Now! Help the Word Go Viral – Not The Virus!

    The 1918 Flu Virus Pandemic infected over 500 million people across the world, including the USA, remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and killed 50 to 100 million of them, that’s a 10 to 20 percent death rate.

    A large factor in the worldwide occurrence of this flu was increased travel. Modern transportation systems made it easier for soldiers, sailors, and civilian travelers to spread the disease.

    Now we have Jumbo Jets and the Fast Spreading Ebola Virus… With a 50 to 70 percent death rate!

    Help Do Something – Sign the Petition Now! And Spread the Word Not The Virus!

    You Can Help – Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, Instagram it and ask your family, friends and co-workers to sign the Petition!

    Obama is Wrong – People are dying! – Help Stop Ebola New York Doctor University Hospital Dallas Texas Nurse Nina Pham Amber Vinson Thomas Eric Duncan Patient Zero Cruise Ship Train! Travel Ban Visa’s.

    You Can By Help Re-Posting this Message to other sites and Tweet it and Vote!


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